Life lately…

has been one continuous rollercoaster of emotion.
Not because there is anything major going on. Nope. Everything is just trucking along as it does. And for that I am most grateful. Even though my gratitude is quickly forgotten time and time again throughout the day. In general, I am having a hard time being grateful, being present, being patient, being kind, being chill.
I am spending a lot more time than I would like being angry, being frustrated, being dissatisfied, being irritable, being mean.  Sad, but true.
This state of affairs feels very much  as though it is clinical/chemical rather than just.. you know…me..and hopefully it will work itself out soon, but it did occur to me recently that I have not been focusing on improving my spirituality much at all lately. And that has made me feel somewhat dead and uninspired and numb (when I am not feeling enraged, dissatisfied and irritable.)  I don’t believe the numb uninspired feeling is clinical, I think that part is spiritual.  And that part I don’t have to wait to sort itself out. I can work on it. And so I am trying.  Part of my spiritual fitness routine is to thank God for my blessings.  Every day.  I was just skimming through some of my recent photos trying to find something in particular and I saw so many random photos which made me realize how richly overwhelmingly blessed I am. I am just dropping a few randomly in rhyme or reason. They just make me smile. And they make me grateful.


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2busy said...

You are truly blessed. Crack open those scriptures and feed your soul. You'll feel much better.

Big Ugly Man Doll said...

And we are blessed that you share these pictures and your life with all of us! Wonderful photos of deeply happy kids! Thank you for brightening the day with this!

Anonymous said...

Well, something you can be really grateful for is how truly beautiful you are and for your kids being so good looking. I know that is a kind of shallow thing, but it does make life easier when what you see in the mirror is easy on the eye! Lovely post. Thanks.