Memoirs of a soccer mom: The best of Spring 2012.

Here are some of my favourite shots (or at least my fav’s of the pics I could actually find), from the last soccer season which as of last night is officially over for all 4 kids.  Tonight tryouts for the next season begin. And so it goes.
First up Benj. This was the most magnificent header goal I have seen outside of the World Cup.
It was the last few minutes of his last game of the season. So thrilling. benjshotbenjtackle
Gabe had a great season too, he is so focused and consistent, he is all over the field. He is a brick wall on defense and very fast (which explains the lack of focus in some of the photos…yeah..that’s it Winking smile.) He is awesome.
I loved watching Gracie this season.   Her former intensity has returned and she has a great big kick.  She is getting more confident and aggressive and it is so much fun to watch.

And finally… Finny scored the best photos of the bunch this season. Mostly because of the positions he played and the size of his made it a lot easier to get good shots.   He is an animal out there. He is SO intense (as you can see). He is a scoring, defending machine. He also had a header goal this season (during a game in which he got a hat-trick.)
determinationdribbleFinny blockfinnydribblefinnyheaderfinnykickfoultackle


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Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Go kids. From your min-coord Granny, I am amazed and impressed? Where did you come from?? Obviously the other end of the gene pool. Great action shots Mom. Thanks!

Thalia Randall said...

Haha!!! Funny is so competitive. The first photo - action shot with Benj - is amazing!