Potty Humour. Or: Why having older kids rocks

They make me laugh, man. 
Today as I ran for a quick pit-stop in the bathroom before I went out to get some blood-work done (something which always fills me with dread and ill-humour), I could not stop laughing when I saw that:
As all of my kids were scattered hither and yon at the time and so I could not locate the culprit, I spent a pleasant time whilst at the blooding letting lab pondering who might have penned this little gem. (Turns out it was Benj, even though the penmanship would have you believe it was Ella Winking smile . )
And this, folks is why it is so important for kids to do chores.  It helps them to realize what goes into keeping the house hygienic and pleasant. It motivates them to try to inspire others to do better, to aim higher…further…or at least more accurately.
Another source of great humour for us today.  A couple of days ago I affectionately dubbed Gabe the V.O.P (Vessel of Perfection). He is so helpful, low key, kind and considerate and so I called him this in private.  And then OK, I admit, I started calling him it in front of his other siblings, to try to spur them into some productive sibling rivalry because a little more Gabe-like helpfulness and consideration just makes the world a better place.  It worked somewhat well as the kids good naturedly rallied for the top spot (nothing like pitting your kids against each other in order to gain your seal of approval-ah yes, Mother of the Year…right here…thank you very much) and much hilarity as other acronyms  were coined:  V.O.P (Vessel of Jerkiness) and the person who is neither here nor there…the V.O.M (Vessel of Mediocrity).   They go by Vop, Voj and Vom respectively (which when uttered all by themselves is enough to make a person laugh out loud), and the honour of receiving a title is very fluid.  Benjamin took upon him the mantel of VOP this evening when Gabe slipped whilst in a bit of a pique and locked Finny out of their shared room, (Benj sealed the deal by beating Finny to getting me a tissue).   Fortunately my children understand my warped sense of humour and seem to embrace the fact that it is all in good fun and that I do in fact love them all (although who knows, it may come up in therapy later.) 
This goofy expression of Finny’s always makes me laugh.
I love laughing on equal ground with my kids, there is no better feeling than sharing a joke with like minded individuals , and it is realization of a childhood dream and wish. to be able to laugh with my kids.
It is also so much fun to share the delight and hilarity of their younger sister’s antics with them.  Ella has developed a very strong affinity to Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know”. It inspires her to interpretive dance, sprinkled with the occasional yoga move (specifically, “dowward facing dog” ). The kids kept calling for me to look as she would very seriously execute her “moves” this morning.
Being a mom is definitely NOT always fun. But when it is…it really is.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, too funny! Competitiveness has it's uses. Do you remember when you became "boarders" who had to do your own washing and ironing and how it backfired on me when it threatened to take over the world? Your kids are better trained by you and you were by me! Why are you having blood work done??