Scenes from a Sunday Walk

If you missed the kill me cute pictures of yesterday..go look NOW. 
I love our Sunday walks. They are sacred family time. I could post pages and pages of photos from each one of them. I love them for their simplicity. It’s just us and whatever nature offers up. Rocks, leaves, water, grass, clouds and imagination. (Last week we went to the “dog park”, where we let Shemly run after rabbits….she will never ever catch one but she likes to pretend to try) and lay and watched clouds change shape for ages…from the oldest to the youngest. Magic.)   This week we went and explored a sweet park in our hood  for the upteenth time. I love the light, the way time slows down on these walks, how the kids are with each other and mostly how they keep even my oldest children little (at least in my eyes) for just an hour or so every week.
Rock inspection is very serious business folks.
Bum scootching along…
My girls…<3
All my babies have always loved to find little ledges to sit on at around this age. Ella loves to sit on the little narrow ledge of our tiny fireplace. She was thrilled when she found this one.  The more precarious and uncomfortable..the better.
Benjamin always has and probably always will sit just like a bushman. If we did not object he would even sit at the table and eat in this position.  Most mornings I find him eating cereal perched on a high kitchen stool just like this. I secretly love it.
Big brotherly advice.
“Here go Daddy”
Finny ponders the universe
The one eared pig which scared the crap out of poor Shemly
The sun got caught in the tree branches on its way down.
Token shot of Gabe. Not sure why he didn’t feature for the camera. Next time Smile

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dawn h-s said...

I love Ella's big toe in the bum skooch picture....

it is so not fair that she is so so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Ah, just lovely! The day lilies are phenomenal! Why are they not in my garden? Poor Shemly! Why was the one-eared pig such a challenge? She is such a beautiful pooch! I WANT HER! NOW! Not to mention squeezing Ella to near breathlessness! Thanks for drawing these to my attention. HOW did I miss them? I go to every Momedy e-mail as I receive them???? Technology continues to amaze me and make me suspicious too!