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(Ella has been walking a lot more the last few days. I love the way it looks as if she is busting some serious dance moves when she does it…”She came to dance, dance, dance”….read on:)
Sunday July 15th:
My sincerest apologies to everyone in our ward for whom today's sacrament prayer was disturbed by the strains of Taio Cruz. Courtesy of my extremely techno savvy 15 month old. She unlocked my iPhone (on which the ringer was off, I had it out because I had been diligently entering announcements onto my calendar), found the music icon, turned up the SOUND and pressed play, right exactly when the sacrament prayer started!!! We were so absolutely horrified that it took me a long time to figure out how to turn it off (my efforts to muffle it by stuffing it between my knees were profoundly unsuccessful). By the time Aaron pried it from my frantic, sweaty grasp and got it to the right spot to turn it off, my hands were shaking so much that even when I finally managed to push "stop" my quivery finger RESTARTED it several times. SO, SO, SO SOOOO INCREDIBLY SORRY EVERYONE. (Also for the major naughtiness that followed this episode. Today was not a good day for Ellabeth Sayer).
I got some pretty hilarious anecdotes in response and my friend Doug wrote this version of Dynamite in honour of the event:
Taio Cruz top 40 hit, "Ella-mite":
"I stick my iPhone 'tween my legs sometimes
Singing oh no
make it low, low!
I gotta grab this thing and turn it off
Baby, no, no!
Don't you - oh, no!
'Cause we gon' rock this church,
We gon' go all day
We gon' light it up
With the Ella way!
'Cause I told her once
and I told her twice
don't play the phone in church
'cause it's just not nice..."

My response;
Doug, that was outstanding, I must however request that you add, "and it goes on..and on....and on......" somewhere because it did. Although I just checked to see where I finally stopped the song. It was at 15 seconds. I invite anyone who thinks that this sounds like an inconsequential length of time to get themselves into a very quiet space surrounded by many people in silent meditation prior to a sacred spiritual experience and CRANK this for 15 seconds

Never a dull moment, even when you really, really would prefer that there was.

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Big Ugly Man Doll said...

LOL, I'm so glad you liked it! I can certainly imagine the song going on, and on, and on - we shall henceforth refer to it as "Ellamite!"

Jill said...

I think that you may be insane. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! That is REALLY funny from a distance!!! I can just picture your face and quivering hands. Doug, that was very good! Ella-Bella is going to be a real party animal. BRING HER TO THE WEDDING! She can dance the night away!