Stuff that my mom is missing on instagram

This one is for you marmie, and others who eschew social networking sites such as facebook and instagram, which I update with cutesy photos, mostly of Ella (clearly my most favoured child), with startling regularity.  I should probably make this a regular feature so she (as in my mom) can see the stuff she is missing, and so that I (as in me) don’t have to come up with original content. Win-win!
PS: Ella is actually not my most favoured child, but she is the one who doesn’t have much opinion about whether or not she is photographed and uploaded to social networking sites with startling regularity.
So here’s some of what you missed (regarding mostly Ella) on instagram (and facebook) (and that is just in June, mom.)
surfer girl with brothers and storm on the horizon
This reading material pretty much summed up our whole day on the day she was reading it (‘twas the” poopie diaper independently removed whilst still in the crib” day)
Below: (At her 15 month check up). She is 75th percentile all around, except for her head and cuteness, both of which are off the charts.
pic 2: here’s Ella, unsuspectingly catching up on a little light reading whilst waiting for shots. #unsuspecting #abouttogetugly
pic 2: neatly relocating the contents of my wallet into my (thankfully empty) teacup #toddler project
pic 1: tracking spoor of the young Ellabeth, at the watering hole. (I think it is hilarious that this clearly shows how she lifts her bum so there is no drag.)
…And squishable thighs:
I love these people
the secret life of baby insomniacs #ecounfriendly#gotosleepalready
As big sister tries on clothing, Ellabeth contemplates her escape
Her hair is curling at the nape of her neck
pic 1: rapt and adoring
more from the beach
pic 1: chameleon     pic 2: BFF’s
Extremely chuffed over the strawberry milkshake daddy made.
sleepy cuddles

I love that I have the exact same picture of him in years gone by, towel wrapped around him, blue lips,  adorable freckles, one eyebrow at attention. Always.
The official start of Summer, 7pm June 20th.
cherished tradition (St. Joseph’s)
pic 1: My goofy boys finding the South African flag on the dolphin.  pic 2: when they were playing in the ship, a guy drove past and yelled out of his window “why are pirates always happy? The just aaargh!” (St. Joseph’s)
pic 1Look what I found in Ella’s closet! #funbigbros Check out the sticker behind them, Gracie bought it for me (Beware The Sleep Deprived Mom.-She speaks from experience).
pic 2: Monday Night Yoga
Daily wrestle over my teacup (note her foot in play. what you can’t hear is the SCREAMING) She likes to play with the wet teabag #toddlersaregross
Simpson Garden Park flora on Father’s Day 2012
pic 1; You know you are the mom of a toddler when your best shot at an uninterrupted pedicure is on the dashboard, somewhere  in Indiana pic 2: what Benj was inspired to post  after cleaning the bathroom one day.
pic 1: Dessert from our ‘last meal’. (Before you start the HCG diet you have to eat very high in fat and calories for two days) Wish I’d enjoyed it more (it was yummy, I was just not in the mood) pic 2: The appreciation of sand was an acquired taste for Ellabeth
My beautiful babies in dreamland
Sweet big bros take little lady out on a date

Vintage Fisher Price (I was succesfully using them to distract her from scratching her heat rash, nothing from this era would do it)

From Finny’s school journal, first day of second grade. Makes me verklempt.

What is this lotion of which you speak, mother?

And finally, from today: how cute is this little girl? (She is still not liking to walk unless she is holding onto one of our hands …)

Inside/Outside Family Portrait. (Check out the impatiens!)
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AaReAn said...

this post is awesome!!! What did we do without instagram!?! I mean really you got so many great memories here!

Come on over and follow along my colorful blog...I think you'd really like it (but maybe I'm a little bias?! haha)


Anonymous said...

Ag, come on now!!! I have got the commenting thing down pat. Even do a teensie bit of FB, now what the bleep is instagram???? I CAN'T KEEP UP ALREADY!!!! I AM TECHNICALLY A RETIREE!!!!