A double birthday in Chicago

On the 28th of July Benjamin turned 14. FOURTEEN, you read that right. And Gabe turned 12. Yes! The Gabey baby is TWELVE. No lie.  Crazy.
We decided to embrace the craziness and celebrate with a trip to Chicago for their birthday weekend. It was awesome.
We spent a day at the Museum of Science and Industry and one good thing to be said for having a giant family, is that for just a few dollars more than the cost of one day you can buy a season pass which is an excellent thing because it is impossible to cover that incredible place in just one day.  It was amazing. Look how much these boys grew!
We were mesmerized by this display. If you stood still for a while, the butterflies would settle on your shadow . Crazy.
butterfly garden
The highlight of the day was the Mythbusters exhibition. My kids are mildly obsessed with that show so they loved being “behind the scenes. Benj even got to participate in an experiment.
Benj and Gabe see if they can dodge a bullet…
And elsewhere…Creepy clowns…
A dress that is sure to get you noticed.. Ella was a fan.
Finny, the futuristic music mixer..
Big brothers show their little sister the future….and Gracie faces her fears in the tornado simulator. I was so proud of her!
We ended the day with a beautiful meal, a comfortable bed and a swim in the hotel pool (disturbingly Ella knew just what to do with that remote control the moment she saw it.)  We got to catch some of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics…which were cool and a little bit creepy in parts…no?
The next day dawned beautiful for a birthday. A double birthday!
The traditional bedhead and back-to-back photos were taken..
It was time to hit the city…and shop for presents!
Thanks to some overcrowding the boys ended up dining at a chicago institution on amazing food which ended up being less expensive than the lunch at the chain restaurant we had planned. I love it when life hands out a great surprise..especially on a birthday.
It’s also wonderful when everyone has fun on your birthday.
Driving home, footsore and happy.
I love these guys. The most important thing that happened this year, happened the day after their birthday when Benjamin was ordained to the office of Teacher in the Priesthood and Gabe received the Priesthood as a Deacon.  We feel so blessed that they have prepared themselves and made the choice to receive this gift and power to serve.
priesthood boys
Happy birthday Benj! Happy birthday Gabe! I know this will be your best year ever. xoxoxo

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Anonymous said...

That seems like a wonderful family birthday. Congrats Boys on being good young men. Benj has got so TALL! Must be from Aaron's side! Thanks for the post. Makes us feel like we were there! Love, Marmie.