Today was better…look..

Today was puke free and remarkably whine free too. My girl is back.  (shhh…knock wood).  This is what she did when I told her that I was taking a picture of her.  I forgot that she could smile, I almost forgot that she was fun.  But she’s back, and by george, she’s fun. So much fun, even if she is a bit goofy looking Winking smile .
Other reasons why today was So Much Better
1. She happily allowed me to clean the kitchen. No weeping and wailing and hanging on my leg as I did so. This my friends is huge. When my batch of four were all over four years old and I thought back upon the hardest days of having a toddler, that scene was forefront in my mind…the screaming in the kitchen as you Ella has not been disappointing that memory this week…but today..she was an angel.  And it was sublime.
2. Ella and I went shopping and I’m not going to lie. We are the queens of today’s garage sale. I don’t routinely do garage sales. In fact I pretty much never shop at garage sales.  I shop at one garage sale. The one across the street. My neighbour across the street buys things from over-privileged students before they skip town, and has extremely regular garage sales which I frequent. It works for me.  I never fail to score big. For example I got these today.
These quilts are massive, and so pretty and just what I have wanted for a long time but never would have bought retail or made myself. And FIVE DOLLARS each.  I also got some lovely and eclectic items of clothing (and some polka-dotted wellies!) for 50c each. OK here’s the thing.  It makes me inordinately proud that my wardrobe is made up of good, like-new, name-brand clothing for which I rarely pay more than 50c a piece.  I’m sorry, but it does. I am aware that I should not necessarily feel proud of the fact that I am cheap and I wear other people’s discarded clothing, but I do.  I feel like I’m sticking it to the man. Or the woman. Whomever it is who wants me to spend my minimal cash on overpriced clothing.  AND cherry on top?  I bought those clothes 2 sizes smaller than I did last time the garage sale was across the road. That certainly didn’t suck.
3. Aaron and I had a little date and found a really really good deal on an external hard-drive and so the photo downloading/oversharing may soon recommence.
4.On the encouragement of my dear friend the Big Ugly Man Doll, and the inextricable mental link I have that Friday=Celebration=Food. I cheated on my diet. (Thanks for confirming that was a good thing to do, Michelle)  And I enjoyed it. Now, if I had to describe what constitutes as “cheating” on this hateful diet, you would weep into the lovely big bowl of ice cream you are probably enjoying like the sane, well adjusted happy individual that you are…but still, it was technically a cheat and it made me happy. (And yet did not jeopardize the satisfaction I am starting to feel about getting closer to my healthy weight.)
5. I finally watched the Hunger Games. I now feel as though I am part of the human race. I have not read the books, and I probably won’t, but I found it quite entertaining (and disturbing) and now what…now I have to watch the next one! I must confess that I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where I knew this woman from. 
She’s Avery Jessop of course! Jack’s wife on 30 Rock. Whew. That was a big concern.
6. I painted my nails. I am now “mischievous” and “bewitching” depending on whether you are looking at my hands or my toes. So that’s good. I’ve always wanted to be at least one of those things.
7. I got to see a picture of my beautiful new baby nephew! Come ON now. How delicious is he??
and how delicious is this scene? My heart! She hurts!
8. Must end on 8. Eight is my lucky number. Let’s see…hmmm…Shemly didn’t roll in anything gross today! (Although she did open the door in an attempt to run away with a hunky husky walking by- forcing me to run after her wearing only my robe which has no tie and wrestle her home without the assistance of a leash or a collar…) but! No stinky rolling! That’s definitely something to celebrate.
It wasn’t just a better day, it was a good day. I hope yours was too.
Happy Weekend!

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a week! I love getting to clean on my own. JDaniel has been super clingy the closer we have gotten to the start of school.

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Glad the Girl is back! Loved the nail story. As someone at gym said "I am not quite ready for summer. My toenails are not painted!" I feel the same. Time to get rid of the socks and tackies and expose the tootsies. Must get some suitable shoes! Glad about Shemly too! This rolling in the muck is not fun. Pansy used to be a fan - roll on Parktown Prawns, and in their terror, they would EXCRETE! And she would stink! Must tell you, the "prove you are not a robot" words are really challenging! Sometimes have to do it three times as unlegible!