Weekend Update…late on Tuesday.

Because I’m a stickler for punctuality.
Three (or was it four..eh.. round it up to five just to be safe…) soccer games…the first of the season for Gracie’s team…and THEY WON. (This is a big deal. Trust me.)
Finny doing his thang. (They won so much that they pulled a player and their goalie before half time…)
Benj’s game not pictured-as it in some faraway land where only the school bus goes…)
One cross country meet (poor Gabe got a bad cramp in the first 1/4 mile and it stayed for the rest of the race…bummer Sad smile ) He never stopped though and finished strong. He’s a trooper that one.  It was a gorgeous day and a pretty course. Lovely for spectating..Winking smile

And the annual downtown arts festival.  I love it mostly because the kids just find their friends and spend the evening, dancing, playing and being slightly crazy with minimal supervision. Everyone looks out for everyone else’s kids and it is at times like these that I think living in a small town with some great cultural events is pretty darn awesome.
Benj and Ella dancing (he looks so serious about it)
This picture was taken after 10pm. Snowcones=baby speed.  She does this cheesy grin whenever she sees the camera flash. It is endlessly entertaining.
These two pictures reminded me of this post. I can’t BELIEVE how much my baby boy has grown. Fortunately I have another to take his spot on my hip Winking smile
This picture cracks me up. Benj started some sort of congo line which attracted children from far and wide…but it looks like he is the zombie king….crazy eyes for everyone!
Great music..
Even  better company..
And the next day… stake conference.  Yes I took a photo.We weren’t in the chapel so……Hey! Good to see that Benj appears to be getting a lot out of it.   Can you guess what Ella is doing here?  And actually it was really pretty good as far as stake conferences go. I heard at least two or three inspiring anecdotes which must be some sort of record. (Can you tell I have a pretty bad attitude about stake conference? I’m sure it must be better sans little kids..)
And then a long long nap.  Can’t really fault a weekend like that. When my kids are grown up and think of their weekends, I hope they will have memories of ones like these. They strike me as memory making weekends. The ones that sort of set the tone of what their childhood was about. I think they have a pretty idyllic childhood for the most part. I do hope they see it the same way…

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