Guess who is 18 months old…?

{Interrupting my travelogue after just part 1 to interject that somebody had their half birthday in my absence (it killed me, really it did).  Here are a few unapologetically inferior photos (mostly from my iphone) to chronicle the life and times of Ellabeth at 17 months old….}
When she was 17months old…Ellabeth had her first haircut (and ended up looking just a bit like the village idiot, but we all continued to love and adore her anyway)
(She was very good, albeit a bit trepidatious before the arrival of the sucker on the scene)
When she was 17 months old she continued to be a great delight and novelty to her big siblings who took wonderful care of her.
As a 17 moth old Ella was less than optimal at posing for a picture with her sweet (and far more cooperative) friend… (the box was her idea, by the way…Ella’s, not Keira’s)
As a 17 month old Ella enjoyed playing in the “ba” so long as mommy was in there too.
(and often snuck a sip of the water, even though she knew she should not)

When she was 17 months old she snuck in the odd nap on the couch when mommy wasn’t looking.
and adored playing soccer (and socializing) at her big sibling’s soccer games
The 17 month old Ellabeth pulled these two expressions a lot which made her family laugh and laugh:
And this one when she saw the camera pointed at her:
At 17 months old Ellabeth became exceedingly naughty at church (even though she looked cute arriving there)
there has been a lot of this sort of thing going on in the halls: (obviously we hate every minute of it)

The 17 month old Ella was a good and caring mommy for her baby, until she was over it (baby tends to cry a lot)

Was endlessly fascinated by daddy’s tricks at restaurants

Was a fan of french fries (dipped in ketchup), oatmeal, cereal, yogurt and very little else in the food department.
Loved to climb up and down stairs…just like a big girl
Was very brave when her mommy abandoned her for 2 whole weeks.
Ellabeth, the 17 month old fashionista, enjoyed modeling her shoe collection.
and thought  it was HIlARioUS when Finny went on a wild ride…
When she was 17 months old Ella took nice long naps (although I’m never sure how much sleeping goes on between the playing and reading)

It was when she was 17 months old that same Ella developed a troubling and unhealthy obsession with Bubble Guppies-which she has dubbed as “Buppies” and can sing the theme song to on demand.  She was no doubt watching Buppies when this picture was taken. Of her eating (takeout) pizza, on the white couch, without a plate.  Classy. (My mother and my sister just died. They did) We are WINNING at parenting.

At 17 months old, as with all the prior months, Ella was always up for a party, the later the better, and to turn on the CHeeese for the camera whether she was asked to or not. (One night, Benj shone a flashlight in her face repeatedly and she did this same expression every time.)
The 17 month Ellabeth adored sitting on little ledges (wherever she could find them)
and picking up rocks (wherever she can find them). Rocks are her greatest treasures you know..
At 17 months old Ellabeth was just a little soft, sweet-smelling, happy uncomplicated baby well….most of the time).
This Ellabeth. She was the 17 month old whose awesome daddy remembered (without prompting) on September 22nd that it was her 18 month birthday, got her a cupcake (from the special cupcake store) and gave her a living room picnic with her 2 favourite things: Buppies and McDonalds! to celebrate (all that was missing was a few rocks). He even got her brother take photos on his phone AND sent them to mommy all before mommy could call up blubbering about how she would not even see her baby’s face on her 18 month birthday. (Even though mommy’s time zone was 6 hours ahead…hmmm maybe daddy IS superman?)
(As you can tell she was clearly pining for me…)
Can’t believe we have had her for a year and a half already and that we’ve only had her for a year and a half. Life is impossible to imagine without her but she was just born yesterday. We love you EllaB, to the moon and back!

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2busy said...

Ah, she is so precious, although there are probably moments when you don't think so. Such a hard and beautiful age all at the same time.

Don't worry...she won't remember about you missing her 18 month mark, unless, of course, you tell her.

Rachel said...

Wait was that a $5 hot and ready pizza...they can die all over again!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that lovely summary of the little soul that is Ellabeth! I know exactly what you mean - 18 months is so long and so short. I remember that time in hospital as though it was last Tuesday, but at the same time she has been around forever!! We love you Cutiepie, but don't ever try and eat pizza on my couch because we will both just die!! (Of various and different causes)