Happy Weekend! I’ll leaf you with these…

(Oy. I know. Please don’t hurt me )
When I sit on my couch writing my blog, in October,  this is what I see:
I am endlessly fascinated by the layers of colours and textures.  Did you know that there is no scientific reason to explain why trees turn brilliant colours before they fall.  It does not benefit the tree in any way. In fact it is taxing to the tree for the leaves to turn colours.  So every time I see a breathtaking display of foilage I am reminded that God loves us, He wants us to be happy and so He gives us beautiful things to look at and look forward to each year. Autumn makes me feel cherished.
More views from my living room…
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Have a glorious weekend!

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2busy said...

I sure love the changing colors. I guess the brilliance makes up for the shorter days.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! So glad that you and Bill appreciate all that hard work by the trees!