Scenes from 2012: 2012 Edition: Part 1 (Trunk or Treat)

The Halloween season has begun. In other words my marathon has commenced.
We kicked it off last night with our church’s annual trunk or treat. I must take this moment to say that I have seen “trunk or treats” popping up all over town this year. Let it never be said that Mormons aren’t trend-setters.
First let me unveil the 2012 Sayer costumes. Due to a variety of circumstances we were only able to take the Official Shot after the festivities. At about 10pm. With one very over tired, sugared up toddler in tow. It was an adventure. I am still wheezing from laughing so hard at her various shenannigans and my boys doing parodies of me trying to get the perfect shot. They are really good at that. I have no idea why.
Take 1-Disgruntled toddler, concealed teen
Take 2: Gleeful escapee, napping big sister..
Take 3: Toddler on the verge, big sister taking strain, concealed devil
Take 4: Benj has no hips (baby-slide) partially concealed Gabe (Everyone is mocking me mercilessly)
Take 5: Angry toddler, badly concealed dad, pained frozen grin on big sister who continues her nap, mocking from the ceiling fans intensifies..and Gabe embraces the inner goof. Finny  is as handsome a devil as anyone could ever hope to see.
Take 6: Ella blows this popsicle stand…everyone thinks this is a great idea…Benj is  hanging in there with me (but only so that he can continue to do imitations of me).
Final cut: Our submission for Awkward Family Photos. Delinquent sister behind glass. Pychotic grins all around.
2012 costumes
Aaron and I were a stunningly sophisticated couple in head to toe tan and purple..(for those unfamiliar with American brand names-We are peanut butter and jelly (or jam) respectively. Those purple palazzo genie pants which I found at Goodwill an hour or two before the event seemed like a super idea at the time….
When Ella grasped the concept of trick or treating, she was very pleased indeed.
Girl friends
The Cast of the Hunger Games
The boyz get down with their best girl..
Loved catching the handsome devil and the ceiling fans in action. I love that Gabe can’t resist planting a kiss on Ella’s little head.
Ella was thrilled to boogie with the big girls…
We had such a great time with our cute friends, it made my heart so happy. The food was delicious, the music was awesome, the games were fun…the dancing was epic.
The dude below with the ever so convincing mustache is our Bishop. He is so wonderful. It’s just such a shame that he does not know how to cut loose and have fun once in a while…
Some of my favourite ladies…
Unfortunately, they are pretty miserable people and as usual, they were having a terrible time..
That’s Carolyn above. She lives in that van. This facilitates her ability to get my kids to their various activities . (And home again when I forget that they are there.) I really do have the best friends.
One of my favourite moments of the evening was when Ella saw her brothers playing soccer in the parking lot at the end of the evening. She decided to join them. But first she had to remove her jacket.
A little pink jacket has no place in a situation like that. It’s time to get serious.
Let’s do this thing.
It was such a happy night. I just had a little flashback .  It was a Halloween many moons ago and Aaron and I did not have kids. Someone asked me if I was coming to a church Halloween party and I said, “oh no, since we don’t have kids we are lucky enough to get out of doing stuff like that”, the woman responded that when I did have kids it would actually seem like a lot of fun.  I remember thinking she was crazy.
But she was totally right.
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2busy said...

How creative you guys are without having to go over the top costume wise. This was always a struggle for me.

Anonymous said...

Well done on another Creative Costume Night!! Re: your flashback, it is interesting the way that parenthood changes the perspective of almost everything! Loved your Bishop's mustache. He seems really great!