We’re picking in the rain….just picking in the rain

On Saturday we had a very, very brief window of unaccounted for time. The weather was looking dismal and rain seemed pretty likely. We had a bunch of kids who ranged from disinterested to very much opposed to apple picking. Does this sound at all familiar? Aaron informed us that if we did not go at that very hour, we very likely would miss out on apple picking this year altogether. A prospect which did not seem to trouble my kids very much at all. Since the weather was not optimal anyway, I was not inclined to push the issue.  But Aaron, no doubt knowing that I would bemoan the tragic loss of a cherished tradition when it was too late, insisted (for the sake of his own sanity). And so it was with a somewhat whiny attitude (and the kids weren’t much better) that we set off the orchard. 
As we drove up to the orchard the kids seemed to perk up at the sight of donuts and cider on the horizon and it seemed like all was not lost.  A frisson of excitement filled the air. Aaron put the car in park, and the heavens opened. The frisson of excitement was washed away. The kids were all “we told you so”, Ella was all “I hate those boots on sight, I don’t care if they are cute, you can’t make me wear them! And the coat! I hate the coat too! Actually, pretty sure I hate everything” and I was all ready to go home or maybe to find comfort in the bosom of Target, but Aaron …intrepid (didn’twantthearaboutitlater) Aaron, forged ahead. It was warm, we were already here…we could even drive the van practically up under the trees, he reasoned….a little rain never hurt anyone. And so we were all like…”whatever. fine”.
And wouldn’t you know? We had a great time. Seems to be a recurring theme with us.
Ella decided that any place and experience where she could  a) not be confined to a cart b)pick up the product off the ground c) the product was round and red and she could hold one in each hand d) the product was edible and no one was going to stop her and also nobody was going to make her eat said product.. was pretty much the best place in the entire world. Then the other kids realized that they were outside, in the rain and actually required to run around and jump and climb and act like the hooligans that they are, and quite warmed to the task.386
Ok so this is one of my favourite photos of all time. Her little rosy dimpled cheeks, her smug gleeful smile..because she thinks she is getting away with something naughty, her piggies. Straight out of the camera it was just perfect.
Although this one is a close second Winking smile
Ok you know what, I love them all just like this…random, repetitive and unedited…even though the colour is off and the exposure is bad and the focus is dodgy in several of them and the lens is fogged up in half of them , they capture the moment just as it was. Totally imperfect and natural and soggy and messy and unexpectedly fun.  What did we learn here today kids? Have really low expectations and everything will be awesome. Yes. Quite.
Gabe lost a tooth. I hope that it is one of the teeth you’re supposed to lose….I’m never quite sure…
These shots of Benjamin and Ella make my heart sing and break at the same time. Aaaargh. Stop. Time.
This one looks like a fairy tale to me, I love the pop of red in the sort of sinister looking branches…where is snow white…where are the dwarves?
And of course the traditional money shot: See Desperate Housekids of years gone by: 2011, 2010, 2009
despaerate housekids
I want to eat her….seriously, I fear for her cheeks..
So yeah…if you don’t do facebook and are related to me and/or have an especial affinity for apple picking photos, you can see even more, possibly even cuter (!) pics here.

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2busy said...

Great pictures, I'd go pick apples just for the incredible pictures!

DianeSS said...

Another great tradition! Your husband is a star and so very wise to make sure you kept it!

Anonymous said...

Yes Aaron. You are very wise. Those Randall girls are FOMOs of the worst sort in one way or another. And what great, great pics. and memories. Did you purposely dress them in red? And you are right. That huge old apple tree is straight out of a Grimms Fairy Tale! Gorgeous and definitely sinister too! As for that Ella kid, just tooo much.