11-11 Gratitude

1. I am grateful that although our nights have looked like this for the past couple of nights, (upright in steamy bathroom), Ella has been in good spirits during the day. Staying up all night is so much easier when you have been fortified by cuteness during the day.
2. I am grateful that when everyone else is dithering around when Aaron announces it is time for family prayer, Ella always immediately gets on her knees and Benjamin always quickly follows her lead. This inspires everyone else to do the same, and we start prayers and end the evening smiling and feeling affectionate toward one another. The little things make a big difference. (A little child..and a teen shall lead them Smile )
3. I am grateful that I get to hear Ella bid her brothers farewell each night. She toddles into their rooms and says, “Bye….see you…” and blows them kisses and they respond in kind. Witnessing the loving interaction and mutual adoration between a generally non-demonstrative teenage boy and his baby sister is about the sweetest thing in the world, and is one more thing that makes me so happy to have had our laat lammetjie.
4. I am grateful for children who make me laugh. Humour is so important to me and the humorous interactions between my family growing up are the happiest memories of my childhood.  Having funny kids is literally a dream come true.
5. I am grateful for all the people who have so courageously defended others against forces of evil over the course of history. There is no glory in war, but I think the selflessness of dedicating or risking your life to protect the safety and freedom of others is noble and awe inspiring.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree with you. Lovely to see a tough teen melt for a little sibling!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Love the way she leads the way! BTW, beautiful picture, although sad connections. My last comment was not saved. What gives?