20-21 day of gratitude: Thanksgiving Eve

1. A friend who left a huge (expensive) box of my favourite chocolate on my doorstep to cheer me up. Thank you sweet Carolyn :)
2. Watching a meaningful movie with my boys and getting a chance to chat with them about it. Having time to have real conversations with my kids is something I deeply appreciate.
3. A washer and a dryer. I mean..seriously. Do I have to elaborate?
4. Having enough food to be able to enjoy the privilege of sharing without sacrificing. I know sacrifice is the sign of pure charity, but I do feel grateful that I can give plenty without anyone in my family going hungry.  Having not just enough…but more than enough.
5. My family rallying to help clean the house when I am not up to it.  Even though they don’t really care. They know I care.  Having kids who are more efficient and skilled at organizing things than I am is another thing I marvel at and am terribly grateful for.
6. Access to fresh flowers even in the depths of Winter and having a husband who ensures that I always have some.
7. Freedom of worship. To be able to live, express and share my beliefs without fear of bodily harm, arrest or even ridicule.  (I mean the odd person ridicules, but I really don’t fear it Winking smile )
8. Being with my baby when she made her first joke today. Being able to spend so much time with her is a blessing for which I am grateful every single day.
9. The anticipation of spending time with friends and family tomorrow and for the next several days. This weekend makes me happy.
10. Loved ones who reassure, encourage and pray for me when I am feeling scared or depressed or overwhelmed. Trouble shared is trouble halved-it’s a cliché because it is true. As Desiderata says, “many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness” and while I may sometimes be tired, it is indeed a blessing to know that I will never be alone.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you have conversations with your older children. I still treasure our times on the Malagwane (sp!)on the way to school in the mornings. Plus your flowers (and the best little flower of them all in the foreground) are beautiful! Eating chocs. watching a movie with your family sounds like heaven! So glad you understand the blessing of these things.