5 and 10

(this evening)
1. I am grateful for a husband who expresses his feelings for me spontaneously and generously.  Today he said completely out of the blue, “I love having you as a wife. I have never once wished for you to be any different”.  He says stuff like that all the time, and I roll my eyes a lot and probably take it far too much for granted. When it comes down to it, knowing that I am unconditionally loved by a good man is probably the greatest blessing of my life. I am grateful that I get so much time with him, and that an evening at the grocery store with him is a truly fun and satisfying excursion.
2.I am grateful for friends and family who  forgive me so readily when I am petulant, moody,  immature, temperamental or hypocritical. I am grateful to be surrounded by relationships with people who are better than I am and who are always willing to give me the benefit of the doubt and another chance to be a better human being.
3. I am grateful for a beautiful, Spring-like day in mid-November, and the chance to spend some time outside. Ella, Aaron and I are all under the weather and had a really long and utterly sleepless night, so a lot of the day was spent being in a sluggish fog. We finally got to spend some time outside in the mild fresh air this evening. It was so calming and restorative to watch as the sky slowly became painted with water colours, and the outlines of the trees became crisp silhouettes.  There is really nothing more soothing to body or soul than being outdoors.
4. As I walked with Ella and Shemly from the lovely park where my kids and husband were enjoying a sunset pick up soccer game, to drop in on a friend this evening, I realized that living where we live allows us many idyllic moments.  It struck me quite forcefully as I  walked, enjoying the dusky light and the crunching leaves that no, my life is not perfect,but there are many elements within it which are just as I always dreamed they would be. I love that my kids play outside with friends in a non-formal way every day. I love that they exercise and socialize outside safely and spontaneously without any adult initiation or interference.  I love that I have a friend that I can drop in on, unannounced with dog and baby in tow. 
5. In the wake of a very tragic event in our community today, I am so grateful that I have my faith and belief in an afterlife, and in the knowledge that there is a God who knows and loves us more than we can comprehend. I am grateful that I know that my family relationships will not end with death. I am grateful to know that I have constant access to the Comforter and I am grateful that no matter how devastating and painful our trials may be, ultimately,  the “peace which passeth all understanding” is available to anyone who asks for it.

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Anonymous said...

The freedom of movement that your community offers is indeed something to be grateful for. Gives kids independance and growth. We have less of that here nowadays which is so sad.