5 for the 9th

1. The safe return of my awesome husband. He went on a super quick business trip and when he is gone, I not only miss him madly, but am reminded about how much he does for me and our kids, so selflessly, quietly and efficiently.
2.The health of my children.
3. Chocolate. How cliched. But really, Aaron brought me some life changing chocolate today (it tasted a million time better than it looks up there…and I think we can agree it looks pretty amazing). Pity I’d have to go to Washington DC to get more.
4. Contact lenses. I get a bad headache from anything pushing even lightly on my head for more than a couple of hours so without contact lenses I would be virtually blind or suffering from a raging headache almost all of the time. Contact lenses are a huge blessing to me.
5.Having the means to indulge in simple pleasures like a new lipstick now and again. Even if it is a cheapo drugstore lipstick on sale, not everyone can just buy a lipstick when they want to, I have not always been able to buy a lipstick when I felt like it. It is a luxury, and it feels like one and I am grateful for little luxuries which make life that much more fun and colourful.

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Anonymous said...

The chocs look SO devine, especially the red one. Tell us more! Was it cinnamon?