Five for Five

Today I’m grateful for:
1. The community center where I can go and work out, while my kids play with their friends and run on the track. It’s such a blessing in a climate like ours.
(Finny re-enacting his record breaking 100m sprint tonight)
2. Good music to motivate me. This one was awesome for a hill workout today.

3. Feeling much better! Hooray!!
4. Naps. Specifically Ella’s naps. I would not be a good mommy without them.
5. Marmalade. Gosh, I love that stuff! On toast. With butter.

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Anonymous said...

Seville Orange in particular! Remember it is not safe to work out if you have any respiratory ailment. So tell me, what has been ailing you?? Don't do it! You can damage your heart. Tell mama the truth please.
Yes, baby naps are the best. Napping as an adult seems like a waste of life to me.