Grateful 8

1. For older (generally helpful) kids. When Aaron is not around it is so great to have older kids to help with the little one and jus…stuff.  Once they are home from school, they can babysit Ella as she naps while I grocery shop (or take to my bed;) and they often jump in without being asked to distract and play with Ella when she is making me crazy. They do chores that actually make a difference and walk the dog.  It is not just physically helpful but emotionally helpful too.For all we mourn how quickly babyhood and childhood passes, there are definite perks to having older kids (they put themselves to bed, for instance ) and I really enjoy the adult conversation. They keep me company, they make me laugh.  I genuinely like them.
2. That the little fender bender I had today (someone drove right into my parked car as I was sitting in it) was barely a bender at all. 
3. That the guy in front of me asked me if he could use my store card so that he could get the discounts, which meant that I got the fuel points. Ultimate win-win.  Also, everything I needed on my last minute run to the convenience store was on drastic sale-at below grocery store prices. Whodathunkit?
4.My family was safe and protected in their travels today.
5. I have a lot more energy than I usually do at 11:30pm which is great because I’m fairly certain I am in for a very long and rough night with little Miss. E

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Anonymous said...

Older kids are such a blessing! Mine were great!!