Grateful Four

1.My health. I’m sick today and it is always a jarring reminder of how much I take for granted when I am healthy.
2. A family to care for me when I’m sick. Specifically an endlessly unselfish, patient and nurturing husband who takes on all my responsibilities without being asked and goes to great lengths to make sure I am taken care of. It is such a blessing to have someone to tell you to take it easy and bring you soup. Nobody should ever be sick and alone. I am so blessed.
3. Humidifiers.
4. Vegetable soup with bread and butter. I know chicken noodle is the traditional food for sickies but vegetable soup is my fav.
5. Having a happy, squishable toddler rushing up to my bedside when I am feeling miserable. Hearing her say “MAMMY! MAMMY! MAMMY!” with such giddy adoration and enthusiasm gives me energy and warms my heart so much. Having sweet older kids following her with indulgent smiles and concerned questions to make sure she is not bothering me.

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Anonymous said...

What is wrong?? I am thinking a bad cold seeing as the humidifier is ranking high. I am sorry!!! And yes, the thought of veg. soup (like dad makes it) sounds like a winner! You are blessed with your Aaron and the kids. Glad you are counting. It is a lovely idea. Planning to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.