Gratitude for the 15th….

1. Motivation….(even in its less desirable forms).
(My workout last night was the most focused I have had in a very long time Winking smile . It felt really good.)
2. My generally sweet natured baby. She was not sweet natured today, and it reminded me that I’ve had it pretty cushy up until this point.
3. The fact that my husband has no expectations of me as a stay at home mom other than that I keep the kids alive and relatively happy.  I know that he has faith that I will also inspire and teach and, since he is not my boss, he allows me to do my job without intervention. Anything extra I accomplish is a bonus for him, for which I am richly praised and appreciated. Anything I don’t, he pitches in and helps with, without comment.   I can’t imagine feeling under unhappy pressure to have everything perfect and dinner on the table before he comes home.  The motivation that I feel to take care of my home comes from a desire to make my family happy, not from fear of what their reaction if I don’t.  And that makes all the difference.
4.The easy relationship I have with my older kids.  Sure we have our moments. But as people, I enjoy them. I like them. They talk to me, and make me laugh and I like to think that occasionally I do the same for them. As a younger mom I always dreaded the feeling of not feeling “needed” as a mommy and the loss of connection that may bring, but I love the way their need for me has evolved yet remained really  important.
(Playing with Ella’s play doh while she plays with my iphone)
5. $10 co-pays for medicine that allows me and my family to live happy, productive and healthy lives.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect the unfathomable comment above was somehow mine??? Now you understand why I could not really venture onto facebook. Just imagine the trouble it would cause. Loved your gratitude about your accepting husband and family. I know women who are not that blessed. Must be awful!