Gratitude on the 12th

Today I’m grateful for:
(My two sweet sickies this morning, and their furry sister)
1.People who take the time out of their day to write me kind and supportive emails, sometimes when they don’t even know me.  The internet can be an ugly place but it can also show the best part of humanity.
2.Priesthood blessings. I know they work and every time I have a sick child receiving one I am instantly comforted and reminded of how blessed I am to have access to this power, and faith in this power. I have experienced too many miracles via the power of Priesthood blessings to ever deny that they are real.
3.Family Home Evening. It’s a great program and without it we would miss out on some really special and memorable moments with our kids.
4.A brief lull in my voracious appetite to help get me back on track before the Thanksgiving/Christmas onslaught.Ok compared to the other blessings today, it may seem shallow and weird to be thankful for the fact that I am briefly not as much as a pig as I usually am tempted to be, but I worked really, really hard to lose weight and putting it all back on would be an incredible bummer.
5.A sweet daughter who rose from her sick bed to go downstairs this morning to see her brother off (and even pray with him) because she knew that I was still in bed with a finally sleeping baby and any shift would disturb her.

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Anonymous said...

What lovely things you have identified to be grateful for! I have been grateful for some of those same things, especially in the child rearing years. Have not yet had a respite in my appetite, but would also be very grateful for it, should it ever happen!