Hallowe’en Marathon-Part 4 and Final :)

As gorgeous and svelte as we looked as peanut butter and jelly, we opted to go another way for a costume party at the Blacks this weekend.  On Friday afternoon I was beyond exhausted. Like…hysterical tired. So while I slept Aaron went to the costume store, picked up a skirt for me (50% off), got ingredients for weenie mummies (and made them) and still looked this good when I woke up. He is a stud of a greaser with a skirt on each arm.  Ella looks enchanted…
Our lovely hosts, the Good Witch and the Vampire Black
Nathan the piano man, and Witch Black, getting something out of the caldron
DSC_0084 (2)DSC_0073 (2)
Finny was a bit burned out on his Handsome Devil outfit and so he cobbled something today from our cavernous dress up box. He is a Crocodile hunting texas ranger soccer player? Everyone’s favourite Uncle Jim rocking the house.
DSC_0070 (2)1527
My poodle skirted baby and her handsome daddy
DSC_0087 (2)DSC_0075 (2)
Goddess, Gladiator, Katniss, Cookie Monster, and what was once Seneca Crane…were framed
There’s always awesome music at the Black’s house.
DSC_0093 (2)
Robert Palmer, and the Addicted to Love Chicks. Aren’t they perfect???
DSC_0097 (2)155415511534DSC_0099 (2)
This looks suspiciously like screen time to me…
The only glimpse I got of Benj all night…where was Gabe? (Gracie went home early, she was happily exhausted after her adventures at camp.)
We had a great time as always! Thank you, thank you Familia Black!
And that concludes the Hallowe’en Marathon 2012!  You survived, what a warrior you are! Already girding up my loins for next year Winking smile how about you? See part 1, 2 and 3 of this year’s marathon. And some pumpkin picking here.
Scenes from Hallowe’en’s past: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.

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Anonymous said...

I remember a party that I attended with you at the Blacks, so am suffering from FOMO big time. Looked like another great evening was had by all.
Yours Slightly Green