Lucky 7’s Gratitude

Today I am grateful for
1. Tolerance. People who truly want to find common ground and work to create peace in their world, starting in their immediate sphere of influence. I think almost everyone craves a sense of cooperation and camaraderie with those around them. Thank you for the kind and positive feedback on my post earlier today, it has been truly touching and humbling. I have been encouraged by the number of positive posts I have seen today in the midst of the gnashing of teeth and gloating that is par for the course one day post-election.
2. The absence of political ads. Even the Real Housewives seem positively civil in comparison. I don’t think I realized how toxic they were until I found myself physically tensing and bracing myself at the beginning of an ad last night that turned out to be a benign ad for insurance. Hooray for the end of vitriol and lies. In my fondest dreams, the next four years will bring about a change in the way elections are run in the future.
3.Fresh starts. Even if the fresh start is taking a deep breath and saying a quick and urgent prayer after I lose my mind with my kids.
4. There’s this new type of yogurt. It makes me happy. (Caramelized almonds…need I say more?)
greek yogurt
5. This. I laughed for a  straight 2 minutes over it today. I don’t know…maybe I’m just tired but really…come on now. (I’m cackling right now..)
(thanks pinterest)

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