Thankful 14

Today I am thankful
Caught by the Doc!
1. For good insurance and good kind Dr.’s and specialists who genuinely care about people.
2. Conversations with people who are willing to teach me things rather than just dismissing me as a lost cause because I have different views.
3.Chocolate almond milk. That stuff is awesome man. Especially since I am ever more icked out by real milk. Tonight I had it on honey bunches of oats (the one with the cinnamon clusters). Sounds gross, tastes great.
4. Being able to say, “ok somebody needs to take this kid, I am done for tonight” and having someone take that kid. 
5. This:justdance
Never fails to make me laugh. The intense faces are the best part.

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Anonymous said...

And two beautiful daughters! Gracie is Gorgeous!