Two Grateful

So I missed day two but it was on my mind all day.
In honour of Gracie’s return from camp, day two is gratitude for my family. (Even though at this moment they are driving me to quiet levels of insanity as I urge them to complete their Saturday chores.)
1. Aaron-the most kind and unselfish person in the world. Also: romantic, brilliant, quietly but incredibly efficient and effective, hardworking, easygoing, thoughtful and FUNNY and righteous. I am grateful for him every day. I always say that having him as my husband makes up for anything bad that I’ve ever had to deal with.
2. My Chillens-I love them so. Benjamin: who is hilarious, responsible, intelligent, driven, kind, tender (deep down), and good. Gabe: who is unselfish, diligent, kind, sweet, responsible,smart good and so funny. Gracie: who is kind, creative, loving, funny, affectionate, clever, righteous and brave. Finny: who is joyful, driven, loving, sweet, hardworking, and funny and good and Ella: ridiculously adorable, smooshable, sweet, loving, funny, clever, yummy and entertaining.
3. My siblings-Who make me laugh like no one else can, who inspire me with their unflagging service and fervent desire to always do what is right.
4. My parents-Who flew me out to my sister’s wedding and allowed me to reconnect with my siblings, who are there for me in my darkest hours, who are my cheerleaders, who inspire me with their enthusiasm, energy and unselfish service to so many people.  Who continuously worry about my emotional and spiritual welfare.
5. My extended family-my in laws, aunts, uncles and cousins. It was so wonderful to reconnect with some of my extended family while I was in South Africa, it is really great to have that contact and interactions through face-book. I wish we lived closer, but since we don’t, I will take what I can get.
Today’s gratitude later (if I have not been arrested for homicidal actions towards certain individuals for whom I am very, very grateful)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to have Gracie back safe and sound. And glad that you were glad to be here for the wedding.