2012: Momedy: The Greatest Hits

Since I’ve been moving my archives over to be in one spot I’ve been noticing how many hits each post gets and I’m not going to lie. I am often surprised by the results. Really surprised. Sometimes the most random posts are really popular and the ones I think are super superb are received with lukewarm enthusiasm.  So just for fun (and because I am too lazy to summarize this year in any really meaningful way) here are the most hit upon posts for each month of 2012:
January. Kicked off the year with  Winter Wonderland Birthday Party. My sister Shona, her husband “Sebastian” and I had so much fun putting this together.
Winter Wonderland Collage
February: I was struggling with a major depressive episode so I gave myself a pep talk
March:  Wow, with  a LOT of hits..the run-away winner: 39 things I love about Aaron Sayer
but I’m sure he doesn’t mind sharing the glory with Ella and her first birthday
April: I wrote a  tribute to my hilarious children (and siblings)
May: A primer for keeping your baby edible was a hot favourite for all the moms who wanted to preserve that newborn soft skin for as long as possible..
although Finny’s baptism report was a close runner up
Tied with the Anatomy of a One year old Tantrum (one of my personal all time favs)
the humanity
In June everyone wanted to read about my starvation diet (aka The H.C.G Diet)
Although Ella on the beach was pretty popular (and a lot cuter) too
In July it was all about what my mom was missing on instagram
although I bet Benj and Gabe’s double birthday in Chicago would have made the cut for July if I’d got it on the blog before August so here it is too…
August, we were back to the H.C.G Diet again…sigh…people! Why are we so boring??! Who wants to read about someone starving themselves? Ok, everyone apparently.
Happily, a fair number of people were also interested in our camping trip to Warren Dunes, in Michigan. (All the people in the picture below are naked. Just FYI.)
In September, I was out of the country for most of the month, but lots of people tuned in glance at some random naval-gazing as I prepared to abandon my family for a trip to South Africa. The picture below is from when I got back
In October people were interested in how to make a candy wreath out of junk around your house
but almost as many were wondering what I was going to say in my Momfessional…(it was about how having a baby ruined my life. Kinda. But not really)
and plenty wanted to know about the things I wanted to ask my kids when they were safely at school and I was in a frenzied rage at home..

In November the blog was pretty well read in general, but the clear winner was my impassioned post-election night Open Letter to my Mormon Brothers and Sisters..
In December it was a close tie between my revelation that I had been living my entire life as an Imposter and a fraud…
and my ideas on how we could find some purpose after the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School ..
And here we are, on the last day of 2012. If I could summarize it in one word it would be…searching. I did a lot of soul-searching this year, a lot of floundering around trying to find where I fit into the puzzle of my little world.  I won’t say it was my favourite year, soul searching is pretty lame and boring… but it had many wonderful, wonderful moments.  Now I’m done with the researching and ready to get into action.  Not to say I’ve discovered all there is to discover, but I’m tired of tip-toeing around my life and ready to put on my work boots and wade right in there making lots and lots of  MISTAKES!
Thanks for coming on this ride with me for yet another year. I so appreciate the people who tune in here faithfully or occasionally. It’s really touching to me to know that people out there care enough to read and it is always my sincerest hope that something I write will make your life a little easier or brighter in some way. I hope I get to know more of you this year, I really do.
‘Til next year….chink chink!! Kisses!

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Anonymous said...

That was so nice. However, was floored at how quickly the year has gone. Remember some of those posts as if they were yesterday! September was particularly surprising that it was actually 3 months ago. Unbelieveable! Still remember you in your little corner!

Moore Minutes said...

Excellent post and so fun to see it all in summary. Happy New Year friend! :)