A month of music

One of the things I love most about this season is the music. We have had several musical feasts lately, thanks to our talented friends and kids.
Last Friday night our friend Dallas invited the kids over for a Christmas jam session at his house, and the parents too. He has been teaching the kids some songs including Christmas carols on various stringed instruments, mandolin, violin, cello. He even hand crafts some of the instruments.  We have the coolest friends. Far from the sedate little semi-recital we were anticipating, it ended up being a crazy, speaker blowing bongo playing free for all and we had a ton of fun.  So cool. Thanks to Dallas, Finny has started playing the violin and Gabe gets to extend his violin repertoire to the mandolin. Benj and Gracie joined in on the cello.
This last week also brought orchestra concerts for the three older kids. It was Gracie’s first concert (she even got roses from an ardent fan-her dad), and she loved it! So did we.
Then came solemn little Gabe. He did an awesome job on violin
And finally Benj rocked it out on the cello. Literally.
They played a beautiful (and lengthy) arrangement of Christmas music but finished with a rocking piece complete with light show. The little kids were especially impressed by this.  (Benj is the cellist 3rd from the conductor.) WARNING: purists may not be amused Winking smile

We finished off the week with the annual Messiah singalong at the Richardson’s house.
My favourite moment of this evening was probably this: 0:12

The singalong was followed by informal caroling/jam session with so many talented people. We have a wealth of musicians from the university in our ward at church right now and they are so much fun.
The kids are also preparing for the piano recitals coming up soon. Here Ella is exceptionally delighted at being allowed to play a duet with Gabe. I so love her expression here.
Speaking of duets, on Sunday Gabe sang one at the beginning of Sacrament meeting, immediately followed by his first 5 minute youth speaker gig. He did a fabulous job on both counts. I was particularly impressed by his outward calm leading up to both events. I would have been a wreck about the singing, and I was impressed that he prepared the talk entirely alone, he was asked to base his talk on one given in General Conference in October, and fortuitously he had taken notes when he watched it so he was mostly set. He’s a good kid, that one.
The music that surrounds me right now and especially the people who make it, really makes me feel very blessed. Music is magic. Here’s the high school orchestra playing you out in a more traditionally festive manner…

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Anonymous said...

SURELY even the purists must have enjoyed that?? I gave it a standing ovation, with tears in my eyes!!! You are indeed blessed that your kids have embraced music with such relish. Wonderful! And also you are blessed to living in the community that you are with all the talented musicians around. Your sing along sounds like a professional do. Thanks for sharing with us. I am trying to persuade our organist to play carols in our little branch. One of the BP aparently choses the music. I will have to mugg the dear man and explain about December and carols. This fed my starved soul. Thanks, thanks and congrats to the talented kids.

Kirsty said...

Thanks mom! It makes me teary too. Every time I see Benj play in his tuxedo I think of him on the day we brought him home from the hospital lying in the Moses basket on the couch and think...how....??????!!!! Sniff.
Your tale of woe reminds me of the time I had to tell a Bishopric member in the Mbabane branch that it would probably be nice to have at least one Christmas carol sung during sacrament. Considering it was CHRISTMAS DAY and all.He had all random hymns up there. I took care of business. I suggest you do the same..;)

Seth Randall said...

What a talented family! :) What I would have given to be part of something like that... I love you guys and love the updates. Thank you :) xxx

michelle said...

Loved, loved, loved all of it and I agree with the two previous comments. What a gift you are giving your kids, the ability to create music and the appreciation of good music! Well done you and all the kids, even the little one playing the duet with Gabe!

Thalia Randall said...

I tried to read this the other day but it wouldn't load. I can't access your blog from work which is sad :( What a magical night! All the pictures look like something out of a Christmas mo-tab devotional. The music is beautiful!!!!! You must be sooooo proud!