Clean Sweep

October 06, 2007

Sometimes I fantasize about going nuts and just taking a huge box and arm sweeping everything from every surface in my kitchen slash bill paying area slash laundry depot slash place where all the rain forests end up thanks to all the paper the school send home,  into it, taping it up and driving it to the dump.  I mean, really, what would I really miss? What is truly irreplaceable there?  How much time and sanity would I save from having to sort through it, and agonize over it and sort through it again and find a place to store it?
Anyone want to dare me???
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Do it. I double dog dare you. But sift out the important bills just in case.
Posted by: Julie | October 06, 2007 at 06:17 PM

I triple dog dare you!! (That means you have to)
Posted by: Jen | October 06, 2007 at 09:20 PM

Jen you shave your head and we're on.
Julie sifting through the bills would be sane and totally defeat the point!! Picture it the way it is when people in the movies sweep off everything on a desk a moment of passion.
Posted by: Kirsty | October 06, 2007 at 10:11 PM

I love it. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!! I have always wanted to try this so if you do I can live vicariously right?
Posted by: Carolyn | October 07, 2007 at 02:26 PM

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