Goal Progress Report

October 03, 2007

Did not technically get scripture study yesterday as it was past midnight before I got to it but it happened before I went to sleep so that should count. Good stuff.
Last night's dinner was made by me however it was not healthy. I am ashamed to say it consisted of hot dogs and oranges before various people dashed to various destinations. The night before was also made by me. It was Crockpot sweet and sour chicken, with brown rice and green beans and crescent rolls even (ok no I did not make them but I rolled them and shoved them in the oven and took them out before they burned and I consider this an accomplishment because the last time I attempted to make rolls from a can, I rolled them in the wrong direction and everyone was sad regardless of the fact that they tasted the same and I found them quite visually pleasing.
I shall report on this evening's  dinner fiasco tomorrow. I will just leave you with this quote sobbed by Gabe upon being required to have just one bite of it. "I have the WORST life of anybody on this earth."
I half heartedly tackled a few daunting things yesterday but I would not say that it was a full on 15 minute blitz. So I will need to do 30 minutes today. Yay. See how that happens?
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