He must live with me forever, she... should probably spread her wings......

September 22, 2007

The other night I was feeling sad. Finny has a sixth sense for knowing when someone is sad and I truly believe that this child was sent to earth to comfort people, it is his special gift.  Anyway, he came over to me and gave me some soothing hugs and pats. Aaron then asked if he could do anything for me and Finny immediately piped up and said, "I fink you need to get her some nice, nice tea!"
A moment later he and Aaron fell into a male trance as something grabbed their interest on the TV, suddenly Finny shook himself out of it , looked at Aaron who was still in the trance, and demanded indignantly, "WHEN are you going to get her the TEA??" it was like, "umm, a little service here for the lady would be NICE".
Gracie walks into the bathroom and observes me preparing to have a post-run shower. We have a brief conversation and then she says imperiously, "..and YOU need to make sure that shower is SLOW because YOU are SUPERDIDOOPITY sweaty!"  As she walks out she calls briskly over her shoulder, "Make it LONG! Enjoy your shower".  Actually, a child who instructs me to take a long slow shower? What am I thinking, I should totally keep her around! I have decided that when my kids leave home I will just move in with them. I'm sure they will love that.

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