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October 05, 2007

as you may have gathered, Winter is not an easy time for me, but today I found out that at least 2 weeks of it will be covered with the ultimate cure for the Winter blues-courtesy of the most generous sister in the world who:....is....flying..me...to...South...Africa!!!
We will be going to Cape Town! We will be going to Swaziland! We will be staying with my parents in Joburg!!
I have not been with all my siblings at the same time for hmmm...a decade? Longer perhaps? My brother Luke will be getting off his two year mission for our church a few days before I arrive, my sister and her husband will arrive from Australia a few hours before I do, my little brother and litle sister will be there waiting. The Party Will be ON.
When I left for America the first time, I left as an 18 year old. I was a teenager, planning to go to college for a semester and return home for the Summer whereupon I would continue to be a teenager for a long time. When I did return home 9 months later, I was 19, married and very confused about my identity. Although it was wonderful in many ways and very much my choice, (although many concerned people thought that my quick marriage was due to everything from needing a Green Card to some convoluted crazy Mormon cult arranged marriage deal) It was weird.
It still is weird and sometimes I feel like I never had the closure to my teenagehood that I needed to become an adult.  (Erikson would have a field day). I have seen all of my siblings individually at various times in the last decade, but I have really missed and craved being all together, seeing how they all relate to each other as grown ups. I have often felt  left out of a whole era of family dynamics as they have gotten together without me over the years, and I am just dying to experience it. I have a really funny family, we have a ton of fun together and I just can't wait.
It must also be noted that: I have the best husband in all the world who is cheerfully taking his entire leave and using it to stay home and watch our kids while I go off cavorting and could not be happier for me. Love that guy.
Needless to say, I.AM.RATHER.EXCITED.
I realise that public recognition is somewhat embarassing for her but this is not about her..oh it is.. well...anyway..THANK YOU SHONA DAHLING!! YOU ARE THE BEST SWEATS!!!! Kisses! Bollies!
In your honour
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My props (can I still use that word?) to Shona!! That's rockin' news. Have fun.
Posted by: Jen | October 05, 2007 at 05:23 PM

So very exciting! It's so great to have good sisters, isn't it?
Posted by: Julie | October 05, 2007 at 09:21 PM

Yeah!!! I am so excited for you!!!
Posted by: Amz | October 08, 2007 at 12:38 PM

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