October. Ghouls and Goals.

October 02, 2007

It's October. Fun month! Fun month which started on a Monday! Double fresh start whammy! I love me a fresh start my peeps, dorky or not, yes I do.
So anyway, I made goals! And so far I have kept them! For one whole day! But you know once the newness wears off motivation flags so I thought I might post them here to up the accountability factor and also because the other topics I considered to write about were ranty and/or boring.  So I decided to stick with boring but cheerful.
1. Read my scriptures every day. With Winter sneaking up it is important that I do this for my mental health and it must become as non-negotiable as running is for me. (And since it take less time then running and less effort and you can do it in the comfort of your home without dehydrating  or pulling anything, there is no excuse). Anyway I find that when I do read them I have a much better day. My mood and ability to cope are vastly improved. Even if what I have read is not consciously at the forefront of my mind it is in there somewhere and I am calmer and happier and lighter for it.
As a family we read The Book of Mormon every night which we find helpful in keeping our kids around. When we skip they always seem to disappear, and some really heinous kids arrive and make our lives only barely worth living, just to remind us how lucky we are to have such nice kids the rest of the time. So we try not to skip, 'cos our own kids are far more enjoyable.
Anyway, so I have started using the Preach my Gospel manual for my personal study. It's cool because I am a big fan of structure and it gives me that, also has a little spot to write my observations (always enjoy little spots to write in) and asks thought provoking questions to keep my mind from wandering in the way that it is apt to do, (which is important because it really is too little to be wandering around unsupervised). Also it gives me a good doctrinal overview which I am becoming increasingly aware of needing, and hits all the different book of scripture for variety. All in all it's A Good Thing. So anyway, I will not miss a day of all this good stuff.
2.Cook a healthy meal for my family every week-day night. As I have mentioned I'm not so much huge on cooking. It seems like a big output of energy (and if you are me, mess)to be whined at for. (They alwaysalways whine when I cook). But since, you know, we can't live on cereal (can we??), cook we must and generally (almost always) Aaron performs this task. He claims to enjoy it but since I am now at home sans children most days for a couple of hours it really does seem like a poor state of affairs when my hard working husband must then come home and cook.  Plus I confess, I do enjoy it when I get going. I have even started making real hot breakfasts for my kids and I like that (although I think they wish I would stop). It's the getting going that is the problem. Hence the goal. This site makes things easy when you aren't looking to get too gourmet. Feel free to substitute generic in wherever it may say Kraft and also be sure to substitute brown for wherever it says white and also wholewheat wherever there is pasta and you can get a pretty healthy meal for your kids to whine about. (As opposed to a not so healthy meal for them to whine about).
3.Tackle something I fear/dread for 15 minutes every day. Ie: the playroom, or paperwork or...gasp the basement (NEVER!!) or the garage. I can do more if I feel so inspired and courageous, however, I will commit myself to 15 minutes daily even if it means I have to commit myself in a different way when I am done (or someone else does).
So there they are folks. Exciting no? No. I know. These are indeed humble goals but they will contribute much to familial happiness and peace I believe, so do feel free to keep tabs on me, nag me, question me, you know, publicly shame and humiliate me. All that would probably be helpful.
Happy October. Fun month!
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I forgot about kraft.com. I like that place
Posted by: Jen | October 02, 2007 at 02:29 PM

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