On Christmas day in the morning..and afternoon (and night)

Ella was stunned by the unusual reception when Benj brought her down on Christmas morning, but she warmed to the theme very quickly..466
Stocking mania!
A yummy break for breakfast
Shemly too…
A short chat with Auntie Shona on the phone..followed by a quiet riot to get mommy off the phone and onto the important business of opening presents! Come OOOON!! (Ella was content to drink her “dowah” apple juice though)
Gracie had…the loudest reaction. She was pretty pleased with her big present.
Finny expressed his enthusiasm by leaping into Gabe’s arms…
Gabe demonstrated his joy by running around the house whooping…
I loved the way Benj reacted to the little hamster and soccer field Gracie made him. So sweet. He was a little more mellow in reactions, but very gracious and enthusiastic. Even though all he got was clothes (which was all he asked for…sigh….growing up).
Ella tried valiantly to put on my new earrings, I tried valiantly to look sexy in my new shades (both of us failed)
Finny was ecstatic over his cleats (it’s always such a bonus when you get to use Christmas to give kids stuff they’d get anyway..isn’t it?) And Aaron rocked his official NASA (from Target) shirt.
Ella only got a couple of gifts, a baby doll and a light board to write on. Both of them were pretty big hits (although “meenee” the afterthought for her stocking was definitely the highlight of the day..isn’t that always the way? )  I was so pleasantly surprised by how “into” everything she was. She loved opening the gifts, she loved playing with them, she loved the excitement, she had no meltdowns, it was amazing. Maybe because we had no expectations and she didn’t sense any pressure? I don’t know. I just remember my other kids being pretty overwhelmed by Christmas. She was a pure delight. They all were. It was a good day to be a mom.
For the rest of the day she busied herself with stuffing marshmallows scattered liberally around the house from the marshmallow shooters back into them. She found that opening one’s mouth was critical to the success of the project.
After a long lazy, chocolate filled day we ended up having dinner with the Richardson’s.  Most of the night was spent taking on the brand new foosball table.
Bottom picture is the gift Miah made for Nathan, with the touching inscription “a not so perfect painted box for a not so perfect dad!!”
And on that note I shall conclude the epic recounting of our not completely perfect but still pretty fabulous Christmas…we are very richly blessed. Mostly with things that cannot be wrapped or photographed.
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