September 25, 2007

I am finding that as I age (ok well maybe in the last month of so) I am losing the stomach for living on the edge. Procrastination-wise. For instance, I shocked myself by submitting a paper almost a day early this week. This was most uncharacteristic of me, I  have always sort of prided myself in working best under pressure, in fact I have often intentionally let things get down to the wire in order to glean inspiration from the inevitable rush of adrenaline that comes as I frantically type with one eye on the computer clock and my house burning down behind me. Maybe it was the intensity of the relief and sick pride I felt when I slipped in an assignment with literally seconds to spare, maybe it was because I did not want anything out of my hands before it had to be since there was always a chance it could be made better as long as I had it. I dunno, but lately it's not doing it for me.
Don't get me wrong, I have always known of the evils of procrastination, have always had great intentions of planning ahead, doing things before I absolutely had to do them, living a non-insane life, but it really never panned out. And, like I say, I think I intentionally sabotaged myself because something in me loves the craziness. But it appears I am getting old, safe, and boring.
First there was the prematurely submitted paper. (AND it was only a draft, yet I proof-read it within an inch of its life so that it would be basically ready for when it is really due in 2 weeks (!!), then today, this one is big, I finished my workout at the gym with close to a half an hour to spare to shower! Egads! What's going on??!  I have always thought it would be a nice thing to get to shave both legs and wash all the shampoo out of my hair, but to actually experience it? Surely not! But Yes! I did. Today I looked at the clock and thought, "well, yes, for sure I could squeeze in at least 6 more sets of something, but you know, I have worked out for an hour, and done what I came here to do, so maybe I should get decadent and try a leisurely shower instead. And I did! And it was rather nice!
Now that I think about it, sanity is creeping in all around me lately. Last night I took off on a run and while stopping for a moment to deal with the little black box I am wired to (long story) I noticed that my legs felt tired and do you know what I did?? I WALKED! No really! I did! And a little later, when my legs felt tired again, I walked yet again.  Only for a couple of steps each time but still...Surreal. Later, I even stopped in the park at the drinking fountain to take a drink, even though I knew I'd have to wait since there was a girl doing an impersonation of a camel in front of me. Unbelievable!  To put this bizarre behaviour in context: the last time I walked when I was running was when I slowed down to a shuffle in order to take a drink in mile 14 of 15. And I felt really bad about it too. WHY! WHY!Why did I have to break stride like that and ruin my perfect non walking record?! Whhhhyyyyyy?! I anguished. But not last night, last night I was just a momentarily walking fool! And do you know that even with all the walking and the standing and the waiting behind camel-girl, and the drinking, it turned out that I unintentionally had one of my fastest runs ever? How can it be so? I do not know, but this is true.
Furthermore I made the happy discovery today that you can actually put your make up on without it being washed off immediately by perspiration, when you take the time to properly cool down after exercising and don't raise your heart rate to aerobic levels by getting showered and dressed in under 10 seconds.
I could probably get used to this. I'm sure my family could too. I will let you know if it lasts.
Anyway, I have an assignment due on Thursday so I'm off to do it. I know!! I can't believe it either!
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YAY!!! Kirsty, way to go. This is such a hard feat and you did it. Let me know how the non-procrastination works out in the future. I am trying to be better and let more things go until the last minute. I can be way to overprogrammed. Maybe you and I will meet in the middle of these two worlds somewhere. See you then.
Posted by: Carolyn | September 25, 2007 at 04:09 PM

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