She ‘aint right..

September 21, 2007

She aint right....
As my Southern Belle friends would say, "you just aint right girl".
I have spent an entire morning..entire.. LITERALLY ripping apart my home in search of one red and white bow. It is Picture Day you see. And we only had one bow. We needed two. Let me rephrase that, I needed two. My daughter was more then happy (in fact started to strongly urge me) to move onto Plan B. New outfit, new hairdo, different bows, whatever lady, get a grip already. But I was a woman possessed.
Because of this obsession, there are now two couch slipcovers on the kitchen floor waiting to be washed, and all the furniture in all the rooms has been pushed into the centers  of those rooms and big piles of sundry junk that was discovered under the furniture, or in the wrong drawer, or on the wrong surface, are also in the center of each room. It aint purty.
Yesterday I told Aaron of my plan to tackle the playroom which has not been tackled since the boys moved out of there some time ago and has become a scary place spoken of only in hushed tones. So anyway, I told him that I had wanted to get in there while the kids were in school but I had been thwarted by homework. He looked at me in wide eyed horror and said, "NO! You must not do that unsupervised! I can just see you looking around for a few minutes and then tossing a match in there and walking away!" It brought to mind the lyrics from  Shawn Colvin's "Sunny came home".., "Sunny came home with a vengeance"....". Anyway so, random tangent aside.. back to today. I was prepared to come home to this disaster after picking up my kids but even I gasped a little and had a fleeting moment of panic that we had been robbed when I saw it.
Strangely however, now that I have confirmed that nobody has ransacked our house (it being so replete with priceless valuables you see), I am rather soothed by the piles. They are right there for me to see and tackle. I can handle this. Strangely, It always makes me feel better to have all the mess out in the open where I can see it, knowing that what remains behind closed doors and drawers is organised. I much prefer visible mess to everything looking great on the surface but knowing that there is a seething morass lurking beneath. This makes sense, since I have re-discovered recently that I have a great distaste for the unknown. Even if the unknown is potentially a bad thing, I would rather have it be bad and know what I am tackling, rather then not know what may be to come, even when that means there is a possibility the bad thing may not come to pass at all. I. Just. Must.Know. At some point I'm probably going to have to get over this, since life has a way of being rather unobliging in that way. I think it may be better handled using something strange and foreign to me that I have heard referred to as patience.
We never did find the second bow by the way. She will be photographed in red baubles instead. This deeply, deeply troubles me. If I find that bow now, well .. I just don't know how I'll cope, people.
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This all coming from the woman who so recently renamed this season "Chaos". Good luck Woman. May the force be with you!!
Posted by: Jen | September 21, 2007 at 06:39 PM

Okay, You know me, I am having anxiety for you. Just thinking about all those piles makes me wish I could run over and help you get it all organized. So how is it coming? Did the fire department pay a visit today after the lighting the room on fire? Good luck!!
Posted by: Carolyn | September 21, 2007 at 09:31 PM

It actually looks great. It was just as I said, easily taken care of, because I was not dreading what was still hidden. The living room got deep cleaned, the couch covers are clean, I found a remote that had been missing for months (it actually got INSIDE the couch and finally worked itself out with all the jostling of the search) and my bedroom is deeeelightful. I need to lose bows more often!!
I think this is why they do it that way in Clean Sweep.
Posted by: Kirsty | September 22, 2007 at 12:25 PM
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