Snow day bliss..or why I woke up with a sore face

I always find my cheeks absolutely aching when we go to the sledding hill. Something about watching my kids having the epitome of wholesome yet gleeful fun fills me with such satisfaction and delight.

This year gave the added delight of being able to bring Ella with us for her first foray down the sledding hill. She had proven herself to be a huge fan of snow since the night before.  She is so unlike my other kids at this age (or even older), she doesn’t mind the cold at all, in fact she frequently ditched the mittens all the better to eat the snow…


here she is giggling as Finny introduces her to the wonders of the cold fluff…I love the background music..

When we brought her in after about an hour of munching snow the other night she started crying, and I thought it was because her hands were so cold but it was because she wanted to be back out there!  Gabe gave her a little initiation yesterday in the front yard…don’t eat the yellow snow, don’t sit behind someone heavier on you when on the sled…and so forth…


Then Finny took her on some wild adventures on the front lawn…


And so when we took her to the sledding hill yesterday, she was in hog heaven! A friend loaned us a little infant sled and so she went down all by herself. And didn’t even whimper!



Here’s a little video..turn up your sound! If you listen carefully you can hear her squeal and her happy little chortle. It’s pretty ridiculously adorable. No really…watch.

Hmmmm I think I would like to try that again!


Just as soon as I’ve had a little refreshment…


And now I am tired…home James!


Congratulatory cuddles from Gabe…


The pros take to the slopes..


Group ride..yes that is a recycle everyone goes home alive and unmaimed is a complete mystery



A study in Gabe’s hat askew. That profile…it kills me.


As we sat in the car waiting for the big kids to get done, Ella started getting a bit cranky. She was two hours past her nap time after all. The girl was entitled. I had an empty box from those really gross but wonderful chocolate cherry cordials in my car and so I got out and filled it with snow (from the top of some shrubbery…that makes it much more sanitary no? Winking smile ) She ate it as delicately and eagerly as if it were a box of bon-bons..


And all that is why my face was frozen in this expression for hours yesterday (the muscles really hurt when I woke up today-but it was totally worth it)


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Night sledding

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Anonymous said...

She is one brave little toddler! Wow! And amazing that she likes the cold. Obviously born in the correct hemisphere for her. My experience with cold and babies is that they find it painful. Remember the story of Seth and his piggies? And one day Sam was happily playing with ice and then starting crying when his hands got sore. What an amazing little girl! And how lucky she is to have such loving siblings. :)