The stuff guilt is made out of...

October 16, 2007


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This is one of the most precious pictures I have seen in a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such sweet children. I love it!


This is so true! We are so upset with them by bedtime, that we rush through the bedtime ritual - teeth brushing, skipping through the story if there is one at all, and then hastily tuck them in. Mike and I call it the boom-er-rang syndrome, when they pop out of bed so many times! But somehow we seem to have the patience of Job after they are sleeping snuggly in their beds and they can do no wrong in our truly is a refining fire.


There's something about a sweet, sleeping child that melts your heart and brings on guilt like nothing else in the world.


Kids are great when they are sleeping. Thank you for expressing so well what I feel on a daily basis. By bed time I think I will not make it through another day like this one. Then they are sleeping and little angels and I know they couldn't possibly test me tomorrow like they did today.

Deanne (Julie's sis)

Those are the sweetest pictures! I often tell Julie I make sure I look at my boys sleeping every convinces me to let them live another day.:) It is so refreshing to know that EVERY parent goes through this almost satanic ritual of bedtime, though, and I am not really being condemned to an early Hell as I'd like to let myself believe.

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