Things that go thump in the morning....

September 23, 2007

This morning I was not feeling well so Aaron left me home with Finny who was still asleep.  After he woke up we were lying chatting in my bed when suddenly we heard heavy footsteps walking deliberately around downstairs and then proceeding upstairs... I was somewhat disturbed by this, and Finny and I lay tensely as I scanned the room for a blunt object that would buy us some time for escape. I had just dismissed thedidgeridoo as being too light and settled on my favourite high heeled shoe, when the door opened and in walked Gracie. Apparently Aaron had left her at home too! When I told her that she had given me a fright she asked, "why? Did you think I was a monster?" To which Finny piped up, "not a monster, I fought it sounded wike a tiny widdle horse". It's good to know that her ballet training is paying off :)
At the risk of sounding like he is my favourite child (he's just at that age where pretty much everything they say seems like the cutest and most hilarious words ever uttered), here's another Finny-ism. The other night after kissing him I asked him, "Finny do you have any idea how  delicious you are?" To which he replied with some indignation, "I'm not a....a....I'm not FOOD!! I'm FINNY!"
And to brag on my older two for a moment, both Benj and Gabe were elected as student council reps for their respective classes last week. Gabe was voted in first and I held my breath over the next few days until Benj's class took their vote. From past experience I can tell you that there are few things more awkward as a mother then being torn between enthusiastically  congratulating  and celebrating with one child while simultaneously comforting the other on not achieving the same. It sort of rules out such comforting platitudes as, "trust me, student council is a total drag " or "only nerds get into student council, clearly you are too cool for that" or the classic, "well of course you weren't elected, the right person is never elected for anything!! You know that!" ( You know, all the things a wise and mature mother would say)
Anyway whew, potential crisis averted and Yay Ben! Yay Gabe! Well done, well done, we're very proud of you!
(We trust we can count on your vote for the Presidential race of 2035?)
In other news, yesterday we were on a soccer field from 9am only to return home from back to back soccer games at around 6pm. (Why do I always imagine doing things likere-painting the deck on Saturdays?) Ironically, I am sunburned for the first time this year. The weather here is magnificent which made the day infinitely less trying. However, I doubt it will hold for the next 6 weeks which is how long our Saturdays will adhere to that schedule. This is another reason why we cannot have any more children, there are not enough hours in the day to fit in anybody elses game! As my kids get older I understand what everyone was on about when they said that kids are expensive and take a lot of time. Before they were all in school/sports it was, "heck,what's one more to throw food at every few hours?"  Now it's a never ending round of cleats, tap shoes, ballet slippers, fees and tuition, school pictures, fundraisers, piano lessons, cello lessons, and I'm very much relating to the mystical wonder of how anyone affords what it takes to raise a bunch of kids..
Speaking of which, this mesmerises me:
MESMERIZES me. No they are not Mormon.
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I can totally relate on the whole kids/activities/cost thing. We have three and I wonder how anyone could afford more. The family website you linked to yours is amazing. How the mother is not totally institutionally insane is beyond me. Just the thought of more kids makes me wonder how long it would be until I would be put in a padded room.
Posted by: Carolyn | September 23, 2007 at 10:10 PM

Finny's food comment reminds me of my niece...when we tell her she's a princess she says, "No I'm not, I'm a goil!" (girl). Your kids are so cute.
Posted by: Julie | September 25, 2007 at 08:00 A

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