WFMW: How to keep the kids from wasting food (specifically: cereal which costs a million dollars a lb)

Do your kids waste expensive cereal? Every day upon surveying the carnage my kids leave behind every morning on their way out the door to school, I used to find at least 2 half full bowls of soggy cereal in the sink. Except it looked more to me like dollar bills floating around in left over milk.
Here’s the thing. My kids would consistently pour way too much cereal every day, eat only a tiny portion and waste the rest. It made me crazy and I lectured them about it on a near daily basis,  but I have finally followed through on what I've been threatening to do for years.  And by jove, it’s working.
No it was not as my one friend feared (having them eat it for dinner).
We had each kid pick their cereal (out of a list of pre-approved) and bought them each their own box. Each box is to last for at least the week. If they run out before the week is over, they get to make themselves oatmeal or something else for breakfast. (Something I actually hope happens). They write their names on their boxes and it is theirs alone. Since doing this I have not seen so much as ONE wasted BITE in the sink. Amazing. Hmph.
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Anonymous said...

Clever Mommy!! Making them accountable. Wonderful principle. Well done!!!!

Rachel said...

that is so smart!! they learn to be responsible and not waste it. so smart (and frugal!)

Seth Randall said...

I love it :) I'm gonna try that with Sam ;)

Liberty said...

so smart! now to eliminate the cereal altogether:)

Thalia Randall said...

Bloody brilliant!