Five for Friday

1. Ella slept through the night last night. It was very special. I remembered what it was like to get up out of bed feeling rested. That’s a nice feeling. Changes everything. Wish I had it more often. Went to get Ella out of her crib talking in a nice spry, engaged, non croaky voice. I don’t think she knew what to do with that. She was looking at me in a mildly concerned manner.
2. Tomorrow is Gracie’s birthday party with her friend Madi. Madi’s mom, Jannelle and I like to plan parties. Probably more than we like to actually HAVE the parties. (Although I speak only for myself in that regard).  The theme is Hollywood. Being able to split the budget and the labour and double the creative ideas, means that Gracie and Madi’s party has become ever so slightly over the top.  Just ever so slightly. Add to that a lot of the décor was repurposed from 80% off Christmas décor means that it’s very glittery, very glitzy and maybe more than a little bit tacky. Everything a preteen girl could hope for.  Or so we imagine.  20 girls will be the judge of that tomorrow. (Strength? ).Here’s a sneek peek: (replacement labels for the soda bottles and swag bags!!) Props to my friend Amanda for coming up with rockin’rootbeer and the ever so genius lemon lime-light. I take full responsibility for the cheesiness of orange you famous.
3. The thing about Goodwill. If you’re not careful, that place will break you.  $1 and $3 items add up fast in that place. But how does one walk away from a perfectly lovely little grey dress from Forever 21? How does one just put down a vintage Fisher Price globe which lights up? Five bucks each? Well one does that if one is broke enough but one regrets it…I’m not going to lie. I can’t walk away from the milk glass though.  Can’t do it.
4. In case you were wondering, I do have this other kid, named Benjamin. I really like him and stuff. He doesn’t feature much in my social media since this is what happens whenever I try to take a photo of him.
I do love Benj. My other kids are more cooperative for the camera, that’s all. For instance: We took Gabe out the other night for a little treat to celebrate his beautiful perfect report card and his exceptional performance on the spelling bee I took this lovely portrait of him. This was his imitation of the face on his ice cream sundae. I told him to smile, like his sundae. And so he did. Is that so hard? No. I didn’t think so either. BENJ!
5. Have I mentioned Aaron has been making some fine food lately? I do so appreciate it. Every bite.
Happy Friday!

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Eden said...

I made that soup too! Last Tuesday before rushing off to class. Just ate the last, garlicy chicken and cheese sausagy bit of it this afternoon for lunch! Yummy! You must get the same Kroger recipes that I do!

Thalia Randall said...

Good luck for the party!! Sounds exciting! Can we email you a happy birthday card to Gracie? And... what soup is that?

Anonymous said...

Is this her first time of sleeping through?? Or did she get out of the habit while sick?? If it was, you poor thing!!! Tell her her mama slept through at 4 weeks, and she should be ashamed of doing that to you!! Anyway, congrats!! You have to take the line "If you can do it once, you can do it twice".
Re: Goodwill, my equivalent (though not anywhere as cheap) is Mr. Price Home. The R49.99's do add up. And although you know what they are doing with the 99's, you never the less fall for it and think "Not even R50! Must buy it now because if I think about it, it will be gone when I get back. That part is true though. Can't wait for you to post post party pictures!