FYI and Forgive me please

Friends, I’m once again attempting to get the remaining posts from my old blog onto my new one. I’m putting them in by date (from 2007) so that they shouldn’t show up as current on my blog, but I don’t know how to avoid them showing up on your feed. I’m trying to do them in batches and during non-peak posting time, so as not to inundate/irritate anyone too much so please forgive the next 5 or so blasts from the past.  They might be pretty entertaining, actually. Or they might not. I don’t remember 2007 that well.
Speaking of blasts from the past, check out this photo from when Ella was just a couple of days old. I saw it today and am overcome with the desire to go back in time and nuzzle that impossibly soft, wrinkly little neck and kiss those chubby, smooth cheeks.
PS: Have you seen the Hollywood Party Extravaganza yet? Oh please, just indulge me. It took me for friggin’ever to document that thing.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! Just too, too adorable! It is physical painful not to be able to pick her up out of the picture and just chomp a chunk out of those cheeks, and even more so, the neck!!! Probably going to get a resonse from Child Welfare or some shrink. Just as well there is distance between me and her - time and miles!