Guess Who Is 22 months Old?….

She is! Only 2 more of these left…sniff…
When Ella was 21 months old she:
Enjoyed her SECOND Christmas
Was very independent. We found her every so often helping herself to the odd snack…a gingerbread house here, a gallon of milk there…a chocolate box filled with snow…or just au naturel right off the top of a bush (or straight off the ground)
Went SLEDDING!! She was a dare devil! Turn your sound up high so that you can hear her ADORABLE little squeal and chortle as she goes down. It will make you smile. Guaranteed.

Found a toy that could draw her attention away from the computer-thanks Muss Cindi!! A house shape sorter. So much fun.
Had some mood swings here and there (the picture on the left happened during a struggle over iphone possession. She both took the photo and then made it into my screen saver -both without my knowledge)….but honestly, she was mostly a happy little sweetie. 21 months was a very fun, easy going month (if you don’t count the not sleeping at night part)094piggies
Attended her first inauguration viewing (sat on a bar like she owned the place and was really keen on trying that KFC-maybe another time..). So crazy to see Finny as my baby at the last inauguration!
…where she had a security detail attending her at all times
Got some not so fun shots (I got this series of photos to chronicle the slow dawning of her horror starting at the lobby of the building of the Dr.’s office…getting into the elevator…finding herself in the receptionists office-I missed the money shot when she saw the nurse-pretty epic)
Loved counting things…especially marbles
Here’s a pretty lame example of her counting drowned out by her overbearing mom (last night we discovered that she can count into the teens now!)

Like to stand like this when she watched mickey mouse clubhouse on my computer all the better to show off her cute little bum (mickey mouse has become the hot favourite. Sorry buppies-she can sing the HOT DOG song, which may be even cuter than her bum.)
Still loved the game where she stand on a stool/chair/counter and yells…MAMMY MAMMYYYYYYYYYY until I come and get her and kiss and cuddle her. It should be really irritating but I find it impossibly endearing even if it does get a bit repetitive…usually she is grinning maniacally when I do this but every time I try to take a picture instead of “rescuing her” she reacts like this. Living with the paparazzi can be SO ANNOYING.
Enjoyed taking her baby out for airings…


Liked to show off her little buck teeth, and dress is “preeeetty” dresses and carry a purse to church.
Loved being outdoors (and her brothers) and wearing cute “boos” on her feet.
green boots happyyellowboots

Still loved rocks (even if she could only find them in the form of gravel in a sidewalk pothole
Considered the Mickey and Mini’s on her diapers to be close personal friends. She clutches one to her bosom during every diaper change.
Was very, very glamourous! (Even though she would never leave cute things in her hair for very long)
21 months brought with it a language explosion, a hilarious way of shaking her hair, swishing side to side furiously as she said emphatically NO! NO WAY!  I can’t really keep track of all the stuff she says anymore since she has now started to repeat most of what we say
21 months did not bring much in the way of sleep. At all. Maybe she slept through the night once. Yay.
Here are a few Ella related facebook updates from this month
January 14

Today I was singing the ABC song to Ella when she said in a chuckling, "omigosh you are so ridiculous" tone, "Mammmy......TOOOOP! Translation: Mommy.Stop!" Sigh. I really thought I'd have longer than 21 months before I started embarrassing this one....
January 11

There are so many horrifying/amusing things going on here right now. Gabe just got his allowance. Ella approached him saying, "dollar...dollar?" very sweetly (we didn't know she knew this word and in his delight and surprise he handed her his money). When he asked her for his money back she stroked it against her cheek and said, "No. Mine". Then she ran away and tucked it in the waist band of her diaper....none of this bodes well, I fear.
Notes from
Ironyland: Was trying to find where Ella had relocated the facebook icon on my iphone to. Found it in "productivity" folder.
January 9

It's the ciiiiiiiircle of Liiiiiiiife. My youngest of 5 children is watching The Lion King (which she calls "Dog") for the first time. My first date with Aaron B Sayer was to see The Lion King whereupon we discussed our mutual desire to have five children one day. ..
January 9
I just got an important text and before I could read it, Ella grabbed my phone and deleted the whole thread from the person I got it from. there any way to retrieve a deleted text conversation on the iPhone. Lots of details on the thread I need to refer to later. P.S if I've ever ignored your text, this is probably WHY!!
1-7-13 The remains of #Spongebob may he rest in peace. #shemly is sufficiently chastened but I will always be the heartless mother who laughed behind her hand as she watched #ellabethsayer pick up each piece with increasing disbelief and dismay while saying in questioning tones..."buh-bob?" "BUH-BOB??!!"

Photo: 1-7-13 The remains of #Spongebob may he rest in peace. #shemly is sufficiently chastened but I will always be the heartless mother who laughed behind her hand as she watched #ellabethsayer pick up each piece with increasing disbelief and dismay while saying in questioning tones..."buh-bob?" "BUH-BOB??!!"

21 months was lots and lots of fun. Maybe the most fun we’ve had yet. I really feel like she is a companion that I can communicate with these days. It’s quite magical and I enjoyed it thoroughly (almost every day). I fear the trying 2’s are on their way soon so I will remember 21 months fondly Winking smile
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