Hollywood Birthday Party Extravaganza~Part 1

So! Gracie and her friend Madi had a combined birthday party on Saturday and of course I took a couple of photos. Ok I took about a million photos. (I’m not exaggerating). And since restraint and editing is not my strong suit,  I am compelled to post them all.  I’m sorry. It’s who I am. I am looking into treatment.  Anyway, this means I’m going to have to divide this thing up, or it will never load for anyone.
Without further disclaimer, here’s part 1 of the pictorial recap of Caroline and Madi’s Thoroughly Over The Top Hollywood Birthday Party Extravaganza. (Caroline was turning 11 and Madi was turning 10 and Saninni is a conglomeration of their last names).
Jannelle, Madi’s mom put together this clever invite..
The girls walked down a star studded path (Here’s a very glam shot of Caroline, hair still up in rags, drawing the stars onto the sidewalk with each girls name in each one)
….past the marquee and into the glitzy lobby-complete with a silvery chandelier, glittery polka dotted wall, exploding ficus tree, and a shimmering red curtain. It was..subtle. Winking smile

We also had a table with swag bags set up because they were cute and also because almost every time I have a party I forget to have people take their gift bags...Inside the bags: glittery nail polish, microwave popcorn, a clapper board keychain, million dollar mints, a personalized zebra print sucker, and an autograph book. (More on that later)
All the girls looked fabulous dressed up as their favourite celebs..they were super cute. Miah (Tyra Banks), even arrived with autographed photos to distribute to fans.
As the girls arrived they were shown a tray with the contents of a starlet’s purse on it and told to memorize as many items on it as they could. This broke the ice and gave the girls something to do as we waited for everyone to arrive.
Here’s a close up of one of our centerpieces.  We got all of the d├ęcor 80% off from Christmas. I’m wondering what about a zebra print pointsettia and leopard, zebra velvet ribbon says “Christmas” but it worked perfectly for our over the top, glitzy, tween girl purposes. We worked with a loose theme of red, gold, black and white (with filmstrips in mind) and GLITZY and we found all sorts of crazy things to throw in there. It was really fun to throw tastefulness to the wind Winking smile
After the memory game, it was time to make some magic…or at least some movies….or at least some commercials.
We separated the girls into 4 groups and gave them each something to advertise and about 20 minutes to write and record a commercial.

Here’s the creative process going down….


While one group was recording, the other girls made their way to the photo booth…while others made star name plates for their dressing room doors..
The photo booth was so much fun, we even had floor  fan in there for achieving that wind-swept effect. The girls loved it and were not shy about posing. Do you like our  beaded chandelier? We found two of them the day before at Goodwill for 2 bucks each!
Group shot! Sayyyy FABULOUS!!!

TO BE CONTINUED……(don’t miss it!!)
Click here for: PART 2  and PART 3

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Leigh Anne @Yourhomebasedmom said...

What a fun idea for a party! It looks like it was a blast!
Thanks so much for linking up over at Finding the Pretty & Delicious Linky Party. Hope you'll join in again on Saturday.

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