I lied…

about only having one resolution. Or maybe I didn’t lie so much as I couldn’t help myself with my love of a fresh start, and I picked up a few new “habits” in week one of 20-13 which I hope will stick.
So… apart from the Big One
Here are a few hoped for new habits for 2013:
1. Taking one photo on instagram every day. I know, I know this hardly needs to be a resolution for me, I’m not exactly afraid of capturing a shot. So ok let’s call it a goal.  I find I’m a feast or famine kind of girl when it comes to pictures, I take a million of the same event and then nothing for a while and I’ve always thought a photo a day for a year would be cool to look back on.  I see other people do it and I’m always “oh man! If only I had started on January 1st!” So let’s see how far I can take it. It’s a fun little bit of discipline. Do you do instagram? Follow me there, I’m momedykirsty (or you can just look me up by Kirsty Sayer). I would love to have some new people to follow back. Sometimes the people I follow are slackers and there aren’t enough photos for my viewing pleasure.
2. Read from the Book of Mormon every day.  Someone in my ward had the brilliant idea of reading it from the end because seriously, how many times have we all read 1 and 2nd Nephi before the wheels fell off? I’m loving reading Moroni. It’s my favourite book. And it feels like cheating.  Winking smile
3. Entertain in my home at least once a month.  I never used to believe my house was too small to entertain in, I used to think it was darling and I loved having people over.   I recently realized that my house has not shrunk since that time, just my attitude, and if anything, I have made it even more darling over the years.  Maybe we will move to a bigger place but I’ve decided not to put off living my life until then. I want to feel and be more self-sufficient rather than relying on others to host everything. I want to take joy in my home again.  I want my kids to have more memories of celebrations in their own home and according to pinterest plenty of fabulous people entertain in small spaces…Winking smile
Holiday Entertaining In A Small Space With Cassandra LaValle of coco + kelley | Photography by Julie Harmsen
4. The whole cooking more thing. Ok so this is not going well. I’m not cooking more. I don’t know if I’ve cooked yet this year. However! My husband is doing a wonderful job of it and we have had such great meals and variety lately. I am in charge of menu planning and shopping, he is in charge of cooking. I eat the leftovers. We make a good team. Why fight it? MENUS for the win.
Dreamy WhitesDreamy Whites
5. I’m trying to get one room of the house totally de-cluttered every week. The first week didn’t totally count because we had to put away all the Christmas stuff, but I tossed a lot of things in the process, and I refrained from putting out all the other tchotchkes back in their place. I now have a very uncluttered, very boring house (and I love it!) I have whole bookshelves and surfaces completely empty.  I won’t keep them that way forever, because well…my house is super boring and unstylish right now.  But it feels good to start the year with some visual calm and white space. This week it has been my bedroom. I got rid of practically every item of clothing I owned (this is the advantage of shopping at Goodwill, it’s really not a wrench to let things go when you didn’t pay over $5 for anything).  I finally got to the bottom of the underwear drawers and got rid of all the ratty stuff.  And! I threw away single socks like a  BOSS. Just when I thought I had maybe been a little too ruthless and might have to live my life in gym clothes or pajamas,  a friend of mine offered me some of the stuff she was getting rid of  (and lets just say, it’s a lot nicer than the stuff I got rid of). You know the adage about uncluttering opening up your life for better things? Yup.

images from here
6. Read one non-rubbishing book a month. I’m reading this one this month, because I really just wanted a balanced overview/ explanation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all and this one is really readable and interesting.

7. Write one real thank you note a week. On paper, with a  pen. Because those are nice to receive and I know a lot of nice people who deserve them.
Round Die-Cut with Bird Thank You
8. This (we have $3 in the jar so far –woot! Winking smile )
52 week savings plan Give this super easy 52 Week savings plan a try, and have an extra $1378 by the end of the year!
9. Get my personal training business back on track. (The baby excuse is about to expire…)
So! If you are local and you want training (my rates are rock bottom and rest assured, I will rock your bottom) or you know someone who wants training, I’m your girl.  I have experience with a wide range of fitness and health levels and ages.  I take a holistic (mind/body/spirit) approach to fitness training and I work with people right in their living rooms. No gym membership or fancy equipment required.  I get people. I understand their hang-ups, because I’ve experienced most of them myself, and I know how to help them work through them.
So far this is going pretty well..but I’m not above begging for publicity to get it going better.  Tell your friends or by all means, treat yourself.  This is your year.
10. Blog at least 3x a week. I have lots of other goals for the blog which will be  (cue dramatic music) unveiled in time. For now, I’m blogging lots and lots and I thank you for reading. If you really want to be a peach become a follower here,  or click HERE
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How about you luvvies? Any new habits, anything sticking? Any that you have already ditched as a terrible idea?

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Fabulous goals. Feel quite inspired. Heard a talk at church while in Cape Town showing how a little change, i.e. cut out 100 cals per day - leads to big results over time. Decided that I will do a few little things. Having not written them down, they are kind of dreams, rather than goals. Thanks. Will do so fifth with!

ANH said...

Loving these goals - very inspiring. The decluttering goal was one of mine last year and it does WONDERS for your peace of mind. I have so much LESS stuff and ALL the time I am reducing the physical clutter of my environment... if only I could mentally declutter - now THAT would be truly amazing.

Your house is beautiful. I love it. Size doesn't matter, it's the spirit that counts. Think about it... tiny little restaurants or clubs that have AWESOME food or music, people line up to get in. Size does not matter. Truth is, people would cram into your home to be with your and your lovely company. If there was a line to your house, I would cut people like a ruthless kindergartener to get in!

I need to pick my BoM reading back up. I just started Alma!!!

I offer you lots of encouragement for your goals! I think they are fabulous and it's great that you have them "written" down. I need to do that...