Spring in January

We had a couple of days of spring-like weather this weekend and Ella was in her element. Watching her just trot up and down the sidewalk, try to eat dirty snow,  finding delight in the gravel in the pot-holes of the pavement, taking short walks with her brothers and sister, and even experiment with taking the reigns..er leash for Shemly reminded me that happiness is everywhere. Especially where it is warm. 
Watching a little person experience their environment with unbridled joy and enthusiasm is so nourishing for the soul, especially if that little person has squishable thighs and cute boots.  Especially if that little person belongs to you. happiness
The only thing that can make it better is to watch that little person being doted on and adored by her older brothers and sister.  My smile muscles were sore again and that felt great.
I have realized that I feel completely different when it is warm. I feel more confident, more capable, more liberated.  I can just get up and go. Get up and get things DONE. I know it sounds crazy but the cold weather paralyzes me, makes me feel timid and overwhelmed. It was nice to have a little reminder of what I’m capable of right in the middle of January.  I hope it will tide me over until the next big thaw..
green boots happy

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I also suffer from depression and the winter blues affect me quite badly. Last year my Dr gave me a script for a vitamin d booster with approx 1000 units of vit d in it. It's not THE cure, but it does help!

elzimmy said...

I live in Florida, (although I'm originally from NW Ohio and lived there until I was 20) so it's warm most of the time here, but the end of daylight savings time does NOT do good things for me. I just seems so much more RUSHED all the time when it's dark by 5:00 and everything seems like such a chore when I feel like I should be curled up under a blanket because it's DARK outside. I'm glad you got some warm weather to get you through for a while.

Anonymous said...

Sun is a blessing from God! I always wonder what poor homeless people do in cold countries. It must be so horrible to be homeless, but homeless and cold! Much worse.
Glad you have had some sunshine. Tell me, how many pairs of boots does that cute little girl have?