Time for bed…

November 11, 2007

Finny pretending to feed me a bottle and tuck me in….(maybe a good idea?)
Does anyone else find the bedtime rigamorale daunting? No I'm not talking about getting the kids finally unconscious-that's not daunting it is insanity inducing. I'm talking about getting my own haggard self between the sheets.
Once I decide it is time for bed, I remember I still have to blog-curse you NABLOPOMO!!! That done I begin to think about the next day and inevitably realise that I have no clean gym clothes, (I really should get more, but decent running clothes cost more then my wedding dress-no lie). So I start a load of laundry. Then of course the ADD kicks in and I mill around doing various things ineffectively. Eventually I make my way upstairs. Whereupon I realise how much maintenance a body takes. I consider myself a pretty low maintenance chick grooming wise. I can be showered, dressed, made up and good to go in 10 minutes. Which means that it is a banner glamour day when I point a blow dryer at my head for a few moments. But there are just a few things that have to be done to keep you an acceptable member of society. First you have to wash your face so that your skin which is having an extended identity crisis between 16 year old acne sufferer and 97 year old desert dweller, won't have too many surprises for you in the morning. So there's the scrubbing, then there's the toning, and the moisturizing and the application of various wonder products. (If I were more disciplined I would be putting on all sorts of eye creams and neck creams too at this juncture, but enough already..y'know?!) Then there is the brushing, and the flossing-man I have a lot of teeth! Then there's the matter of contact lens removal and hiding the lens case from the Magic Makers. I won't even go into the days that I realise that my eyebrows cannot go a moment longer before I am mistaken for the reincarnation of Frieda Kahlo. So then there's the mowing. Done? No! Now you remember that you have to put the laundry into the dryer so down you go again triggering another episode of ADD and before you know it you are organizing your spices.
By the time I finally stagger up to bed my poor husband has often given up on me, turned off the lights and gone to sleep so I'm stumbling around the room, groping into the darkness like a zombie 'til I can reach my bedside lamp. Which when turned on reveals a pill pack-and off I go in search of water and to do a quick clean of the bathroom. Finally back to my room I remember that I have yet read my scriptures, if they happen to be next to my bed it's a good night and I can settle in with those until it's time to kneel to pray whereupon there's the noticing the pile of laundry that needs to be folded. Which is why God must find me a truly awful conversationalist because by the time I get to  the point of chatting with Him I am somewhat incoherent.
My husband will sometimes ask me how I find the energy to stay awake so late and you know, I think it comes down to the fact that I am usually just too tired to consider going to bed!
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I too find it extremely daunting! I often say "Can't someone else put me to bed? Take out my contacts, wash my face, tuck me in..." The ADD runs rampant with me too and I can't seem to focus on one task very well.
Posted by: Amz | November 12, 2007 at 12:55 PM

I think that utter fatigue makes us Mommies forget that we need to get to bed ourselves. It is a crazy circle needing to go to bed earlier, needing to get more done around the house. The more tired I am, the later I end up getting to bed and the more I find to do around the house. Each night I think, if only I had gone to bed 3 hours (or more) earlier, then tommorrow would be so much easier.

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