Guess who is 23 months old?

This sassy little someone!
I am so overwhelmed with sentimentality right now. After next month we will start counting in years not months. I hate that. I’m not ready! She is still changing every day-her vocabulary grows exponentially each day and it is so amazing and hilarious and wonderful to hear what is going on in her sweet little head all the time!

I have loved looking back on these epic recaps every month. I am so grateful to have done them, to capture her awesomeness as it changes -sometimes subtly sometimes so dramatically (even though to be honest I have hated actually doing them-they are time consuming and bitter sweet and as you can tell, I have trouble selecting just a few photos Winking smile )
When Ella was 22 months old she had mixed feelings about her crib,  I can’t believe we are already considering moving her to the toddler bed. It has gone so INSANELY FAST. It seems like we just barely decided on the crib sheets and got the nursery together and now…she’s almost ready to move into the big girl bedroom with her sister!
I am sorry to say that She was very very sick when she was 22 months old, but she was also 
so very sweet and brave..
She coughed so hard and so constantly that she couldn’t ever sleep for more than a few minutes. Here she is literally falling asleep on her feet! So hurts my heart.
Other than her bout with illness 22 months was magical. Last night at midnight I lay cuddled up on the couch with her and we chatted. I was just so overcome with my enchantment for her that I did not care that it was midnight and she would not go to sleep. I was just enjoying her so much.
When Ella was 22 months old, she was still very much into hamming it up when she saw a camera pointed in her direction. Curiously in this picture, she just wanted to hold that bottle of Sprite. The lid had to be off, but she had no interest in drinking it (even though she really really likes to sneak a sip when we have it at restaurants) she just wanted to cuddle it close. 026025
When she was 22 months old, she took to calling me “BABY!” very joyously and affectionately whenever she saw me and wanted to hug or cuddle. Here she is running in for a hug, I can’t believe how much she looks like a baby on the left and then in the next step, like a little’s breathtaking.
When she was 22 months old she worked hard on counting to 20 (although she pretends 7 doesn’t exist and sometimes she just sort of hazes over most of the teens making vague sounds with end with “een” ..ending joyously with “ENNY!!” (Twenty!)
Would tell me when she was “TY” (tired) and would suggest a “NAP” and also a “BO-EL” (that’s going to be a hard habit to break, methinks.)
Loved taking Memmy for a walk. She especially likes to put her leash on the ground and let it wind up very quickly.  Fortunately Shemly doesn’t tend to be a bolter. GOSH I love that incredibly expressive little face!

She likes to draw pictures of “special agent Oso” who she calls “bspechoo” (special). He is a series of delicate circles. There’s been a lot of drawing on walls lately-it’s our fault though. Since we got her bathtub markers and we have a huge chalkboard in the kitchen she seems to assume that any vertical surface is ideal for creative expression. As you can tell, she also likes to do buck teeth when she smiles especially when hamming it up..
Discovered a new use of her old infant car seat (she also likes to strap 2 American girl dolls in there…for a “nap”.)
Loved to play and read in her room with her sibs. Whenever she was upset, all her sibs had to say was, "ELLA! PLAY?!” and she would instantly stop crying and perk up and say “PLAY!!!” and off they would happily go.
When she was 22 months old, she was an absolute angel when we spent a long day in the hospital waiting for Gracie’s surgery and recovery.  She toddled around with her huge handbag looking every inch an adorable young version of Sophia Petrillo
I took a few seconds of video here and there on that day-they are super cute Winking smile

We are still waiting for Gracie to get out of surgery. Ella has found a friend here who is at least 2 years older than her. Ella calls her "baby" and tells her what to do.

When she was 22 months old, Ella cooled slightly on the Bubble Guppies only to replace that space in her heart with an ever increasing passion for “meme” (Minnie Mouse). She can sing the Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme song (not sure if we should be proud of this, she particularly likes the “roll-call!” And does not miss one word of it. Again…unsure of whether I should be admitting this Winking smile )
When she was 22 months old she was always very happy in the mornings even though she did not sleep very well. She liked to show me her belly button. She can point out many body parts now, but her nose and saying “meep meep” when she touches it is her favourite. My favourite is when she  calls her lips “Mips”.
When she was 22 months old she continued to find the tiniest most obscure “youtube” icon and excitedly point out that it  “ IS Buppies and Meme!”. It’s Ella’s version of “where’s Waldo?”
When Ella was 22 months old, she still  loved the “mammy mammy mammy!” rescue me game! And I can’t pretend I did not love it too. She seems to reserve it for when I really need to get away from something I am too preoccupied with and reminds me about what is really important. I treasure every single round of it and I am secretly really proud that she doesn’t let anyone else rescue her.
At 22 months old  Ella never just said “NO!” Always says “No WAaaaaaaay” or sometimes “MO WAAyyyy”. usually in a really sweet, high pitched regretful little voice.
February 10

Aaron: Aww....why is Ella stroking you lovingly?!
Me: She's wiping the crumbs off her hands.
Also Ella's vocab concerning Benjamin has progressed today from "Beeeejjjj TOOOOOOP " (Beej STOP!) every time she sees him to "Beeeej DON'T" every time she sees him. Fortunately he is extremely sweet and patient with her and finds this amusing rather than offensive.

At 22 months old, Ellabeth continued to be the family prayer reverence warden.

Loves to play the “fake sleep” game

With her siblings too
Loved doing “pretties” with her big sister. Ella has very much started to vocalize her appreciation of “preeeteeeee” things this month.  In fact she squatted by an iphone display in T.J Maxx for at least 10 minutes recently until she had ferretted out the most “preetee” iPhone case for me. She really has excellent taste!
February 8

Ella wanted me to paint her nails but she hasn't quite grasped the concept of "smudging" yet. After I got done I was blowing on her fingers to dry them and she looked at me,nodded soberly and said knowingly, " hot".

Here we see an illustration of what Ella tends to do when she gets her hands on something “preeteee”. (Please excuse the state of that room. We were in the middle of moving the old furniture out..)

When she was 22 months old Ella took in her first opera at the young people’s orchestra concert. She was quite well behaved and for the most part seemed to appreciate the cultural experience..
She also briefly took to living in a box. Complete with her piano, her princess couch and grafitti she drew on the walls..
When she was 22 months old our girl loved  her some “cake” and “tockit” which she also refers to as “bite?! bite?!”  She is a big fan of the chocolate.
Ella is walking around saying plaintively, at intervals, "Tockit? Tockit?" (Chocolate, chocolate) and looking in various nooks and crannies, presumably for said chocolate. Upon not finding any Tockit, she has thrown herself to the ground wailing in anguish. The cravings, they start young in the female of the species. She gets chocolate exceptionally rarely (it makes her crazy) so I have no idea how she learned the word or acquired the taste for it, but there you go..
When she was 22 months old, she loooooooved playing with “FEEE” (Finny).  I love how huge her shoes are in these photos. We did not realize until we got to church that they were about 2 sizes too big. Her first pair of high heels Winking smile
Put up with her light-weight bro sleeping on her shoulder while she took care of business.
And at 22 months old Ellabeth was (happily) not too big to take her own naps on mommy’s chest, in her car-seat, tucked in by her big sister on the couch but mostly in her crib. She still loved her crib for naptimes.We just wish she went down as happily at night.
February 7
Tonight Ella gave me a formal compliment. She looked at my earrings and said in a very sweet little voice, "Is pritty mammy! Is NICE". AHhhhhhhhh!!!!! The cuteness!!!!!

When she was 22 months old, Ella loved a “SNOWING” day!
February 19
Whenever it is cold, whether or not there is snow, Ella says "Oh Mammy it is NOWING!!" Today it started snowing and I said, "Ella is it NOWING?" To which she replied very sweetly (but just a tad condescendingly) "No Mammy, IS SSSSNOWING"
I know I'm going to regret this but I can't adequately describe how cute Ella is. Suffice to say that she is delightful enough that I have found myself smiling back when she gives me a VERY wide awake and "let's get this day started" type of grin at 3am. Her cuteness makes me feel a bit violent with love. Seriously. I can't even handle it.
22 months was almost perfect. Occasionally we had some conflicts over iPhone use…but even they were pretty cute.
(Her favourite game is a pretty dry shape matching game for some reason)  She’s really good at it.
At 22 months old Ella continued to be very enchanted with money. She has moved on from credit cards to cold, hard cash. She calls the paper stuff “dowah (dollar)” and the coins “money”. And she loves to count them. Our little Ellabether Scrooge Winking smile . She agrees though that it is “diiiiiirrrrrrrty”.
February 20
Ella watching an ad for Lysol Toilet Cleaner in action. Whispers soberly under her breath, "Is for poopies".
At 22 months old, Ella was pure sunshine and endless laughs. We loved her madly.

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