Momedy Sketch Community Challenge: Stage 1: 10 Things To Do This Week.

So I am going to put off the active start of this challenge for another week. Friday March 1st just seems like a good time. Partly because I’m just that way. I like to kick things off with a new month and partly because I want to give more people a chance to get on board, (tell your friends, tell your spouse) but mostly because I want you to have time to gather yourselves, get in the right place mentally, figure out what exactly you want and why and gather your tools and resources.
So really, we haven’t put off anything. In fact I am starting my HCG diet today,  and you may be starting whatever it is you are working on today too. That’s fine. That’s GREAT in fact. Carry on!
We are now in Phase 1: Prep Phase.
This means that along with anything else we may be doing we’re using the next few days for reflection and preparation.  This part is fun. This part is also SO important.

  1. Get yourself a pretty journal. You’re going to be looking at it a lot. If journals are too “tucked away” or old school or whatever for you and you tend to forget about them, get a piece of poster board, or a big white board or something or make this prominent on your tablet or smart phone. This needs to be something you can look at and add to/edit every day and it should be appealing to look at and work with.
  2. Identify one very specific aspect of your life (or more if you like) that you would like to get back control of. But keep it real and doable. Don’t do more than 2-3 things and try to keep them related. We are going to be going at this thing like we mean it. It’s going to take a lot of focus on energy, we don’t want to spread too thin or burn out.
  3. Take a few quiet moments to visualize getting control of it, to believe that it is possible and it is what you deserve and what you were made for, visualize what that will mean, and how that will feel, how your life will look when you have taken control.
  4. Make a list of (at least) 5 positive ways your life will change once you gain control over it.
  5. Identify and write down (at least) 5 very specific things that are going to be necessary to make the taking back control challenge a success for you.
  6. Identify and make a list of your hang-ups regarding making this happen. I.E: What do you feel like has been “blocking” you all this time?
  7. Make a list of the resources you have available to you to help make this happen
  8. Make a list of the resources you do not (yet) have at your disposal.
  9. Start figuring out how to get those resources. You don’t have to solve all of these issues but you do need to start going into problem solving mode, brainstorming, thinking outside of the box, asking for help, researching what you need.
  10. Start formulating a game plan. The more specific the better. Plan down to the tiniest detail. Cover contingencies, imagine yourself at your lowest, busiest, most tired, most stressed. Figure out what you are going to do to have a successful day despite any or all of these issues.
As a community we are going to offer each other:
  • support and accountability.
  • good, solid and helpful information
  • encouragement (pep talks, tough love Winking smile )
  • incentives (prizes!!).
We will have a private facebook page so that we can get together and make these things happen.  There is still time to get on board, or to get your friend on board. Please send me an email:  ASAP so I can help you with the prep phase and make sure you get all the info you need to get started with us.
  (Title it:  “Taking Back Control”).   I will hook you up.
Ok…what are you waiting for…let’s go!

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ANH said...

This is AWESOME! I am actually going to pull out one of my real paper journals for this one. I am glad you decided to do a prep stage because preparation, I am coming to realize, is so important for EVERYTHING.

I really hope more people join in on this, because it's going to be fabulous!

Anonymous said...

When I did my new years resolution I started what I am calling goal month where I have thrown everything I have at one manageable goal a month and the hope by the end of the month I will have managed to create good habits that will last forever.

Thalia Randall said...

This is awesome:) I'm so exhausted at the moment, I'm trying to get up enough energy to get myself in the state of mind to do this.