On Stress and Sickness and Going back to the Womb

I am getting sick. I am displeased about this. I feel not so much annoyed as shocked and betrayed. As much as I am the most neurotic germaphobe where my kids are concerned, I tend to think of myself as fairly invincible when it comes to germs. I  always imagine that my immune system is virtually impenetrable after almost a decade and a half of nursing snotty, hacking kids back to health.  Case in point :when Ella was recently so sick with the dreaded lurgy, she literally coughed directly into my mouth. Repeatedly.  And I was like, “yeah I’m sure I will be ok”.  And I was.
But now I am getting sick. GOOOOSH.
So basically I can get a full and direct germ assault without getting sick and I can go years on 3 hours of sleep a night without getting sick.  But one thing will get me every time. My kryptonite is stress.  Generally an acute episode of stress does it rather than long, drawn-out low grade stress.
How do you deal with stress? Low grade stress makes me turn to food. I will munch ceaselessly and mindlessly on anything that does not beg me for mercy.  When I am acutely stressed though,  food is the furthest thing from my mind. I want no part of it. I am also unlikely to sleep. And so there ya go. Starvation and lack of sleep, that’ll probably do it. Oh and there is generally quite a bit of ranting. I’m not a silent sufferer. I’m sure this shocks you. Not.
So last night (prior to getting sick)  I was feeling exceptionally stressed and I found myself desperately thinking about what I would like to do to decompress, apart from sleep for about 85 hours in a row. You know sometimes you feel like you have to do SOMETHING but you just don’t know what? Nothing sounds appealing?
(I think this is called “not knowing what to with yourself” and I believe two year olds feel like that 80% of the time. Geez. It so sucks to be a two year old. One forgets).
Anyway today I saw this brilliant little video about how to calm a crying baby by recreating a womb-like experience.

I was a little concerned about the loud shushing in the baby’s ear but the guy is a Dr. so I guess I will let that go.  I found myself thinking that I really wished that someone could do that for me when I was having a meltdown. It looked perfect. Those babies look so instantly blissed out and tranquilized.
Later I was perusing the site of one of my sponsors. And I came across this brilliance.
floating image20071022172448
This is about as close to a womb-like experience one can have as an adult. In the summer time I love to float in the pool. The water drowns out all the noise-inside and outside of my head. I love to stare at the infinite sky and just feel suspended in time.  But the winter makes that a little less easy.  Something about a crowded indoor pool, reeking of chlorine, staring at florescent lights does not inspire tranquility. The water in this floatation tank though, is full of salt so your body is completely supported and you can completely relax into it. Doesn’t that sound DIVINE? You can lie in the dark or listen to music or even watch TV (which seems like a travesty to me). Ahhhhh…..
Anyway now that Valentine’s Day is over and you failed to get what you wanted and it is still winter and maybe you are feeling stressed and sick too,  you might want to direct your people to start looking  for Mother’s Day gifts at Treat Her .( They did not pay me to say this, but I have to tell you that this is such an entertaining and original site, I got lost there for the last happy hour. They seriously do have the most amazingly cool and creative gift ideas.)
And now I suppose I will shuffle off to my bathroom, wade through the pile of soggy towels on the floor, pick up the 26 random bath toys littering the floor of the tub, run a bath and throw some epsom salts in there and sink back into the warm water for approximately 15 blissful seconds before I am discovered by a small girl who will no doubt wish to join me. Which I must admit is good medicine too.
Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!
*This was a sponsored post. While I am offered many opportunities to write sponsored posts, I will only accept those that I feel are a good fit for my readers and I can sincerely and genuinely endorse. All comments and opinions are strictly my own. I will always tell you when a post is sponsored.

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